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    i'm just me!
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    northern ireland
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    crocheting - well i'm trying!
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    accountant - i know v boring!
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    bought a book this year - 2007 - and remembering what my granny taught me as a wee girl!
  1. Wow thanks for the links!! Moonstruck - i think that pattern is great, it doesn't even involve increasing or decreasing stitches, just like lots of mini scarfs joined together!! Darski - i hadn't thought of trying to convert the pattern directly, might give that a go, it'll take a while to look through all those links!! Thanks again Claire
  2. Don't know if this is the right place to ask but i'm going to anyway!!! I've seen the Baby its cold outside sweater pattern and was wondering if anyone knows of anything similar to it in a knitting pattern? Something that's quite simple to make with little sewing? My sis-in-law can't crochet but she's knitting a bit and it'd be nice to get a pattern for her that's not a scarf!! Thanks for your help Claire
  3. That's beautiful! and I hope your head gets better soon!
  4. i don't think i've ever made anything without having to frog about a million times!!! it's usually when you're trying to squeeze in a few rows in a spare 5 minutes - i've realised there's no point cos it'll more than likely be frogged!!
  5. annie's attic don't do international orders any ideas where else i can buy it?
  6. it is a hat it's just worked up the wrong way round!! think of the 22" length being wrapped round your head and then when you pull the thread through on side that is the top - it's kinda scrunched in at the top! i think it one of those ones where you'll have a eureka moment
  7. i'm from norn iron too!!! there's a couple of us on the forum from here - it's a great place to get inspiration and help - i'm even learning lots of american terms and becoming crochet bi-lingual!!!
  8. Good luck!! I'm lining 2 bags at the minute - my sewing skills aren't up to much though - good job lining is on the inside and you can't see it!!!
  9. hi! how's everyone going? i posted here at the start - had big plans for a cushion cover and a nativity scene...... well i've done all the squares for the cushion cover - it's just they're all different sizes - i've even managed to do the same pattern with the same yarn and hook but have and inch difference in width and height!!! might abandon it or try and strech them a bit! i have the pattern for the nativity scene but it's scaring me!! so.... i found some patterns on this thread for snowflakes and i'm trying my 1st one -the best bit is that it doesn't matter if the gauge is wrong!!
  10. i voted for the 1st design - but maybe that's cos i saw it 1st..... they're all lovely!!!
  11. i have that problem too!! i've just given up trying to put it round my wee finger - i just have it looped over my pointer finger and hold it loosely in my hand (hope you understand that!) i think my tension is tight enough anyway!!
  12. i'm still here!! loving reading about everyone's progress! i'm still making 2 bags for my sisters for christmas - i've done the main part of one and i'm half way through the next - have to get some nice lining - one is purple and the other green - any ideas??
  13. i think it's talking about the pointy bits at the bottom of the angel! you do row's 28 to 30 for each "point" separately hope that helps a bit
  14. that's a cool idea! how did you get it started? did you have to make holes in the fleece?
  15. i have the cheap version of this problem - i think i have a copy of every free pattern on the net!!! i'm having issues with filing them by category - do snowflake coasters count as kitchen accessories or christmas decorations???
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