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  1. I would like to find a P.J, R, and B pillow patterns. Thank you!
  2. Cute...My step-mom would dig it, too. She hunts, and when my step brother 's girlie girl wife had a baby girl she played with a camo-t and sewed lace on it, etc...Drove the poor girl beserk...So, two more votes for right on!
  3. Nice work. Where could one get a pattern for letter pillows?
  4. Adorable model...oh, and dress is cute, too!
  5. mustnggrrl00

    Filet Dragon

    Awesome! I have not tried filet yet, and you just gave me a great reason, my dh is into mythical beasts. I can see this as a pillow...getting ahead of myself...Great work!!
  6. Wow, it is beautiful, not busy at all...I could get poetic, but this is the wrong forum
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