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  1. Quick check in to say good night. We had severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings here. It lasted for about 2 hours. There wsas hail in some parts of the state and in Alabama. We always get Alabama's weather and they usually get it from Texas. It's going to be cool and windy for the next few days. I went to the dollar store today and Big Lots as well. My sister was shopping. I only bought cinnamon discs candy. We were leaving when I thought about Big Lots crochet thread so I didn't look. They've remodeled the store and nothing is where it use to be. We off I go. Have a
  2. Good morning housemates! Just checking in for the day. Linda, I knew you'd get it. Looking forward to the pictures. Joanne - It's good that SIL is able to be home with DD and the boys. Have fun tonight. Hello to everyone else in the House...BBL! Have a marvelous Monday!
  3. Joanne, glad you got to see both of your boys together today. It is a blessing to live close by your loved ones...especially the ones with the grandkids. I hope paradise is easy on you tomorrow. Linda, you'll get it together. Looking forward to pictures. Sherry, glad you're doing okay. I can't get enough of candy crush. Marisa and I pass stuff to each other quite frequently. Wishing all you housemates a wonderful and restful night. See ya tomorrow!
  4. Good afternoon housemates! I slept good last night... Joanne - It's wonderful that Robbie and Ryan get to meet today. DD wants another one . I can't imagine for me. I hope she gets to have a many as her heart desires. They are a delight. My DGN is the joy of my life. I'd always wanted 3 kids if I'd married. Have fun today! Cindy - Glad you're getting some r&r. Marlene - The scarves, r&r, Christmas tree skirt and all your projects are beautiful. Linda - Are you enjoying our beautiful weekend. We're suppose to get a little cooler but nothing that's going to
  5. Linda, glad you were able to shed the brace. It was a good day for walking. Cindy, sorry you didn't sleep well. I had the same problem but it was because sister smoked in the house and didn't realize that it travels through the air ducts. I was so miserable. I finally slept between 7 & 11 which I hate. I feel like I've lost a perfect day. I sewed the spots on the ladybug diaper set and it's complete (doesn't need eyes). I sewed the ears on the giraffe and they don't sit right so I'm going to have to frog them (not today). Going to sort my laundry...sister says she will
  6. Good afternoon housemates! Joanne - congrats on baby Robbie's arrival. He came on my best friend's BD. I love it when family works together for the greater cause. Glad you Grandmas got a chance to go see the baby. How's the new mommy? Sherry - glad you're on the mend. Like you, ILTY is practically all I've been using. However, the quality is not the same in the new skeins I've purchased. Are you not having this problem? Marisa - Have fun doing whatever the plans are. Marlene - 100 people to cook for . I'm glad your hand is improving. Looking forward to the pictures.
  7. Oh Judy...God is good! I pray what I believe and I hold fast until there's proof I'm wrong. Even then, I don't accept defeat because I believe that God still has a plan and purpose that will work to our good. You and Phil should definitely enjoy your weekend. So happy for you both! Linda, your cross stitch is pretty! I left the computer up so I saw the new message when I got back. Good night all!
  8. Linda, it was beautiful outside today. Sounds like you are getting rested up. Good for you. washing machine is fixed...no laundromat We had to get a new water pump. I made a trip to HL today. I found some buttons for less than a dollar. I bought a couple of books. I bought 3 of those little $4.99 books from Walmart with scarves, one with baby booties and headbands. I bought a skein of gray RHSS and poly-fil. I'm going to try a few adult hats this weekend maybe. My sister is getting ready to fry fish. My DNep has called for me to pick him up so I'm going to say good nig
  9. Mary - I guess us hookers are having the same problem. I went back to bed around 8 and didn't get up until 11. I'm ready to do some hooking now. We have a sunny breezy day here. Marisa - for new patients. You'll be advertising for staff soon. I have some ILY that I only paid 1.99 (when it first came out and also some for 2.49). I've had to purchase some recently and the quality is not the same. It also has knots throughout it. I wanted to try the SS because of the shine. I'd seen some baby booties/boots made from it and they look so good with the shine. I might buy a skein
  10. Good morning housemates! I've dropped off the DNei. DGN is out of school today an DNep doesn't go to work until 12 noon. I had to sit in front of the store for 1 1/2 hours. The manager didn't show up to open the store for my DN. One of the employees walk to work (6+miles). He is always on time regardless of the weather. He stood out there the entire time. He is always there first regardless of the time I drop my DN off. Management usually gets there about 2 mins before 5am. Sherry, I'm glad you found your hook. I hope your sweater turns out okay. Mary, Judy, Cindy, Joann
  11. Stopped in to say good night. I worked on a few squares today for a wip. Yes, I think the Michael's brand is what I as asking about. It didn't have many colors but it seemed okay. The RHSS that I've bought recently did feel nice. The white I bought yesterday reminds me of the old ILTY. It was soft, fluffy & thick. I've never used the Vanna but I'll try it next time I get a coupon or it's on sale. Thanks for the input ladies. Cindy - You should do a little hooking, a little reading, a little resting, a little hooking. Enjoy your time off. Mary - I'm glad you had a g
  12. Good afternoon Housemates! I see my good night post was lost from last night! I finally got rid of the headache. I went to Hancock Fabrics next door to my nephews job. They are having a sale starting today thru April 3rd. I found the buttons I want there. However, they don't go on sale until March 27th @ 40% off. I decided to wait so I can get more than 1 bag. Therefore, it will be a while longer before I can finish the faces and put the buttons on the diaper covers to get pictures. I went by Michael's to look at the Simply Soft. I stopped buying it years ago because it s
  13. Good morning Housemates! Sherry - it's good to hear from you. I'm glad you're on the mend. I hope you find your hook and yarn today. Linda - looking for a good report from the doctor. We are suppose to have wind for the rest of the week. Take it easy! Joanne - I woke up with a migraine headache. I just fed it some caffeine so hopefully it will go away soon and I can be on my way. I have to do this because I finished a mickey hat for a newborn. I would very much like to complete everything at once. Cindy, Mary, Judy, Marisa, & Marlene catch you guys later. Have
  14. Evening all, Thanks guys for the info on the bag of buttons. I haven't checked Joann's nor HL. I didn't get to go shopping after all but hopefully I will tomorrow. I want to get them finished so I can post pictures. Marisa - I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your mom & aunt. Judy - WTG on your ghan. Mary - Glad you got that tooth taken care of. I hope your hooking got rid of your headache. Cindy - How are you feeling today? Did you have to work today? I hope you're 100% soon. Marlene - Hope DH's headache is gone. What flavor of ice cream did you choose?
  15. Good morning housemates! A quick check in. I've done my taxi drop off and I have all day before pick up! I'm going to pickup the fixings for the faces of my hats and a few skeins of yarn Buttons??? Where does one fine an assortment of buttons in a bag? Walmart has a $5 bag with about 20 buttons and they're all the same color but in different sizes. Have a terrific Tuesday Housemates! BBL!
  16. Joanne - yes I did get my nap in. I'm sorry you couldn't meet up with DD. It would have been sweet for Robbie to be born on her bd. My nephew is born 1/7 & my sister 1/8. My sister 11/29 & her grandbaby that looks the spitting image of her was born on 11/25. I hope you get well rested tonight. I'm turning in early myself because I didn't sleep well last night. Judy - Lifting you and Phil up in prayer! I believe the report is going to be good. Cindy - So glad you're feeling better. Please don't overdue it so you can get over your cold 100%. Mary - You've really been
  17. Linda, we are getting rain this afternoon. It's already crossed the Georgia line. Mary, those scarves are beautiful. What's your next hooking project? I keep having internet problems. I'm surprised my first post made it through. I'm getting sleepy...thinking about a nap.
  18. Good morning Housemates! Joanne - Hooking outside sounds wonderful. I hope you get to meet up with your DD today. Happy Happy Birthday to your DD! Will there be any craft club tonight? Marlene - My niece is counting down to leave for Bama. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. It's cloudy and windy here. We're suppose to get some rain from Bama later in the day. It should end sometimes tonight. It will continue to be windy and cool for a couple of days. Judy, Mary, Cindy, Sherry, Linda, Julie, Tam, Marisa & Phyllis...have a marvelous Monday! BBL!
  19. Final Evening checking in! Joanne - congrats on new furniture. My sister wants new furniture too. Judy - wow, you're moving right along with that baby ghan. Phyllis - those are lovely hats. Are they acrylic or cotton? Sherry - good to hear from you and that mending is coming along. Mary - hello! I'm with everybody else on this DST. But like Judy, I do like the evening light. I hate that it's dark when the kids go to school in the mornings. I worked on the facing and small details of the diaper cover/hat sets today. I still have to purchase some more buttons
  20. Good afternoon Housemates! Judy - I'm glad you got to visit with the baby. I hope all is well with Sparkie's blood work. Marlene - Congrats on the new addition to your family. Is there the possibility that the woman's husband might not be well himself? Lifting them up in prayer. I hope you get to skype with the kids today. Mary - GN spring break begins with the Easter weekend. I only had to drop off the DNep. DNei is off every Sunday. WTG on finishing another scarf...pictures... Wishing all the housemates a super Sunday. BBL!
  21. Linda, the quilt and the ghan are beautiful. It's nice of you to give the ghan away. I bet the family was grateful. Mary - I'm glad your dad is doing okay. I know it's hard for him. My dad never got over my mom and 2 years ago when he was on his death bed, he asked if it was okay to go to her because he missed her. His current wife was out of the room. I think he remarried thinking he would have what he had with my mom and he ended up regretting the marriage. Lifting you and your family up in prayer. Happy early Birthday to Miss Gracie! BBL!
  22. Good morning housemates! Judy - your hat is pretty! I'm excited about you pink bear afghan...looking forward pictures. I hopeSparkie is okay. belated to Lucy! Joanne - Have a great day pampering yourself. You deserve. Your xstitch sound nice. Like Marisa said, picture. Linda - Grumpy Old Men is one of my favorite movies. It looks like we're going to have another pretty day. Marisa - Yes, we actually got up to 65. We're suppose to have a beautiful weekend in the high 60s. Good for you getting another new customer. Cindy - I'm glad you're feeling better. What do
  23. Oh Julie, it is soooo good to hear from you. We've been so worried. I'm sorry you've been sick. I hope you mend qickly. Man, Cam is really growing up. My fingers cramp pretty badly. I pray that I don't get arthritis and have to give up hooking. I'm so glad you're back. Cindy - those booties are beautiful. Thanks for the link. Marlene - have a good time at the pond party. Judy - hope all goes well at the vet!
  24. Good morning housemates! Mary - Lifting you up in prayer! Marisa - thanks for the "like". Praying for your mom. I hope she get to come visit with you. Cindy - thanks for the "like". I hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for the link to the booties! They are sooo cute. Joanne & Judy - be careful in this weather. I hope it's nothing serious. Linda - we're suppose to get up to 62 today. We'll see! Marlene - you sold a lot of tickets. to the rest of the house. I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! BBL!
  25. Cindy, it's good to hear from you. I do hope you shake that cold soon. THe boots are beautiful. I think I miht try a pair of those. I'm not selling online yet. I'm trying to get a page together. I've posted a few pictures and I've gotten 6 lkes so far. It's "Hook&Yarn by Valco". When you get a chance, go over and like my page. I haven't put much work into it yet and I've only posted stuff that's already sold. I'll probably do more when I get more stuff made.
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