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  1. Good afternoon housemates! I slept in today. The weather has warmed up some. We're suppose to get into the 60s by 3pm. We have a beautiful weekend lined up. Linda - I hope you got the job. DQ and a few friends was a perfect way to end a day. Joanne - Congrats to DD on getting the job. I do believe it's the beginning of something wonderful. Congrats on the news of a new GS. Have fun tonight with your co-workers and a wonderful weekend with the GSs. Sherry - Great news that you can now use a cane. You've made great progress...praying that pt is not too hard on you. Bindi
  2. Good morning housemates! Thanks Cindy, Marlene, Linda & Joanne for your concern. I'm going to make a Dr's appointment. My allergies are acting up as well. I saw pollen when we had our first spring/bloom. I haven't seen much lately but I know it's there. We have a rainy day here in Georgia. It's cool as well. It's suppose to rain off and on until tomorrow and then the sunshine is suppose to be back. We're suppose to have a beautiful weekend. Joanne, sorry for your long day due to your atomic clock. I hope it passes fast. It makes for a miserable day when you're sleepy/tire
  3. Good afternoon housemates! I haven't been sleeping nor feeling well these last few days. I know I have a lot of fluid. I'm stumbling and almost falling when I get up. We've had some beautiful Spring days. Yesterday, it turn chilly and today I'm freezing. We're expecting rain tonight and into tomorrow. We're suppose to have a beautiful weekend in the 70s. I've finished a couple of my baby things. I didn't feel up to completing them all. I'm going to try to work on them some now. Hopefully, pictures soon. Cindy, the flowers outside your kitchen window are beautiful. I hope
  4. Good morning housemates! I forgot to check in yesterday. Linda, your mom will love your cross stitch. As Marlene & Cindy has said, initial and date it. I'm enjoying our beautiful weather. I know Sweet Pea is probably happy. I love Golden Corral in Cumming. There is one in Alpharetta but it's not as good. Have a wonderful time with your friends this weekend. Joanne, your blankets are beautiful. I know your co-workers were very happy. Will you have all 3 of your girls this weekend? How are the GSs? Have fun! Mary, I love the pattern you shared. Yours is beautiful o
  5. Good evening Housemates! Just checking in. I did get rid of the headache yesterday after taking medicine. I also purchased $17 worth of buttons. I have to go back tomorrow and get a blue, pink, orange one & 2 small black beady ones.. I've gotten the ladybug 100%. The giraffe has button but I need to re-attach the ears. They were not jiving together. The dog is complete except for embroidering the mouth...I haven't done this on crochet. I have to sew the ears on the rabbit hats and finish up the duckling. They're only small minor things...so pictures maybe this weekend or
  6. Good morning! Brrrr.... . It is so cold outside. Spring oh Spring, where are YOU? Going to pick up my buttons today. I am excited. I woke up with a headache on the right side of my head/face. I think it's weather/allergy related. Joanne, have a good day in paradise. I hope you don't have a long day today. Linda, I hope you get the job. That was sweet of you to cheer Rosie up. How's John's mending coming along? Sherry, great progress for you. I hope gs feels better soon and that you don't get strep. Marisa, wtg on the growth of your business. I made the flo
  7. Good morning! It is sooooo cold here. We had snow flurries when I drove my DNei to work this morning at 5. We're to have a few more days of tis. Cindy, I hope our delayed Spring doesn't affect what happens in your area. I'm trying my best to stay warm. Tried to get my sister to build a fire in the fireplace. Enjoy your day off. Marlene, I tried working with the pound of love yarn I have on hand and it reminds me of the Simply Soft. It's splitting. I'm having more luck with the RHSS these days. Have fun teaching the ladies to crochet. Joanne, I hope paradise is kinder to
  8. You're welcome Linda. We're all family. I'm cold too. I'm glad my DNep had an early shift and I've finished my driving for the day. I've been cold all day. We even have a standup portable heater in the great room. It's colder in there because it's larger and wide open. Sherry, good to hear from you. Don't over work yourself. Glad you're doing better. Unless there's a change, I'm going to say good night and I'll see you all on tomorrow. Have a good night and stay warm everybody!
  9. Good afternoon! Linda, I respect your decision and you know we're here to support you. However, I would like to share with you what I learned with my dad having to do dialysis and receiving a kidney. I learned that if you follow all rules while on dialysis, you don't suffer like others. My dad did everything they told him to do and did not have to spend as much time on the machines as others. He did not retain fluids because he ate right. We discovered also that an obedient patient gets chosen first for transplants. The first time they found a kidney for my dad (he didn't want us to
  10. Good morning housemates! It is very windy here and cold. It's in the 40s but the wind makes it feel like the 20s. 2 more days and I can get the buttons I need for my diaper covers and take pictures. Wishing all the housemates a marvelous Monday! BBL!
  11. Dropped in to say goodnight. Joanne, I'm glad you had a wonderful day with your family. I think family time is very important and so is "me" time especially when you usually do your housework. It's okay every now and then to do the most important things. Have a great day in paradise on tomorrow. Looking forward seeing pictures of the rr. Good night housemates...see ya tomorrow!!!
  12. Good afternoon, Took a nap, watch 2 hours of I love Lucy. I'm going to do some minor cleaning in my room. Cindy, I don't have any kids and never married. I have 2 nephews (Jackson & Jason), 1 niece (Jackie) all adults and 1 great niece (Jaleia Marie) 9 years old. I live with Jackson, Jackie (brother/sister), Jaleia (Jackie's daughter) and my sister Jacqueline. Yep, they're the "J" family. Jason is my youngest sister's son and they live in Bama. Therefore, when I talk about the little one, it's Jaleia (e is pronounced as a long "a". It's good to know your gs's name. I didn't
  13. Good morning housemates! Marlene, I saw your pictures on facebook. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I'm lifting your uncle and cousin up in prayer. I know you miss Maya. It won't be long and you'll be back home. Before you know it, it will be summer and you'll have Maya for weeks. Joanne, I'm glad you got to see your guys. How are they? I'm glad DD got a chance to get out. I'm touching and agreeing with you on middle DD getting that job. It's an honor for the dean to select her out of all of those students. I believe she will get the job. I believe this is the first o
  14. Mary, the Japanese pattern is a diagram. I don't know how to translate. I quit taking Tylenol PM a while back. They leave me with a hangover. I take Melantonin. You wake up fresh...no hangover. It's in the vitamin section of the drug store. Well, I've been ripping and running all day. I guess I do some hooking now!
  15. Hi Cindy, I'm trying to learn to read a Japanese pattern today. I'll probably do some real hooking later on. What's on your hook today?
  16. Good morning housemates! Dropped the DNei off at work and decided to check in before going back to bed. Joanne - enjoy your day today with the DGSs. to housemates. Have a super Saturday! BBL!
  17. Checking in to say goodnight! Sherry, we had Spring earlier in the month as well. It appears the seasons are in a tug of war. Glad to know you're doing well. Enjoy your dinner and egg hunt. Don't work too much this weekend since you'll be going back to work on Monday. You have to see your doctor for liability reasons. Remember to take care of you. Joanne - Enjoy your grandson time on tomorrow. Sorry you had to go so long without getting to see them. Linda, I hope you sleep well tonight. Have fun tomorrow at the Methodist church. How many more helmet covers do you have to m
  18. Marisa - I'll have 2 drop offs and 2 pickups. DGN is out of school but the DNei & DNep both have to work. They work less than a mile from each other and less than 5 miles from home. However, she goes to work at 5a and he doesn't go until 8 or 9a. Mary - I'm still working on squares in between my baby stuff. I started a baby sweater. Mary my computer has gone down in the middle of a post and when I came back the next day it was there. I can't figure out how I got it back up. Hope everyone is doing well so far on this Friday.
  19. Good morning Housemates! Wet & cold here for the next few days. Where oh where has Spring gone? Joanne - That was sweet of hubby to cook for you and you to give up a visit with the boys to show your appreciation. I know you'll get a chance to see them this weekend. Glad Robbie is gaining weight. Has Ryan started paying him any attention? I agree with you, we are going to go from winter to summer. It'll probably be so hot we'll cry for cooler weather again. Cindy - Good to hear that Luke is progressing along as well. Have a good day at work. I hope you don't get any
  20. Cindy - Thanks for letting us know about Judy. I know the waiting and not knowing whether to get involved in a project can be nerve wrecking. Did you get to stay home? Linda - Take care...we're in for this type weather up through Monday so far. Marisa - Did the guy with the accent come by. You're always going to have a few in a group that doesn't play fair. I hope you get some good help with the knit group. Mary - the scarves are beautiful. We never tire of scarves or anything crocheted. Judy - lifting you up in prayer... BBL!
  21. Good morning housemates! Cindy, I don't remember Judy saying anything about being away. I'm worried as well. I hope you get to stay home that is unless you want to go to work. Marlene - Remember, Sam's sells bulk. We were out of a lot of things and there are 5 of us. We also each drink different brands of water and each got our own...the same with soda. We did get a lot of meat and probably enough of the small bagged snacks to take my DGN through the rest of the school year. Your appreciation dinner sounds delicious. What do you do about meals after Easter? Does each person coo
  22. Jeannie, good to hear from you. As with you and Marisa, I too, would like to be back on my own. I live with my sister and her offspring. She smokes and I'm allergic to it. We also do things totally different. I like to getter down and enjoy the rest of the day...they drag everything out. Praying for you and request that you do the same for me. This too shall pass.
  23. Good evening housemates! I woke up with a headache/earache this morning. It's gone now but it took it's time leaving. Like Mary, I've been running all day. Took Meds for pain and I was going to check in before we left and got sidetracked. We went to Sam's and bought about $500 in groceries. We got started around 11. We went in walmart and picked up a few items there. We got home in time to unload the car and it was time to pick DGN up from bustop. She then attended dance class. Had to pick up DNep. Whew! My sister cooked lasagna, garlic toast and I toast a salad for dinner
  24. CIndy - If you go, let us know how it turns out. My mom always did our hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets with murphy soap oil. Be careful with all that snow.
  25. Good morning housemates!!! Sherry - Happy Birthday!!! . Have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!!!! Joanne - I like Big Lots when they're nice and clean. I think the one near me is going through some changes. They also have a hiring sign out. I've seen posts on facebook where women made a killing on yarn. Mary - Have fun with little Zach today. I'm so glad you live near your daughter and the boys. Cindy - Sounds like you got a deal at the grocery store on yesterday. Enjoy the rest of your time off. Linda, Marisa, Judy, & Marlene . Have a terrific Tuesday e
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