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  1. Good afternoon housemates! Judy, glad you survived the dentist. Joanne, your hair sounds pretty. Marlene, I hope your headache is gone. I also hope there's not problems with the hearing aid issue. Cindy, Hopefully, you having the productive day you desire. Linda, Good for you taking a r&r day. Marisa, glad you had a safe trip. What are moms for...practicing. Continually praying for her. Sherry, hope all is well with you. Not much going on here. DGN & DNei are packing for a weekend in Savannah with Girl Scouts. Feeling a little blah so I'll check
  2. Good morning housemates! Judy, . I missed you! I love all of your projects. Great pictures of Sparkie and Lucy! I'm getting ready to look at "I Love Lucy" on ME TV. I hope all is well. Again, so glad to have you back! Sherry, Glad that your cars are fine. I'm sorry you have to do all that packing with everything going on. I'd help you if I wasn't so far away. Hope PT goes well for you. Linda, I'm sorry you can't travel to be with your family at this time. God is good, as you said, you were able to see her and make some fun and loving memories. I'll continue to l
  3. Good morning housemates! Marlene, I hope there's no more flooding. Praying for you guys in Michigan. Glad that Maya's dad is back. Sherry, I hope that all is well with you and you're gaining strength (straightening) in your knee. Joanne, your yarn sounds beautiful. Looking forward to pictures of the scarf. DD will surely cherish it. Have a good day in paradise. What was the name of your new yarn store? Linda, sorry for the loss of your mom. Lifting you and your brothers/family up in prayer. Will you be able to go out there for the funeral? I'm so glad you got a chance
  4. Good morning housemates! Dropped of the DNei at 4:55a. Headed out to drop off the DGNei and DNeph. I love it when they both go at the same time. My day is free until pickup time. Cindy, I hope today at work goes smoothly. Joanne, I know that your daughter is strong and a survivor. Continuously lifting her up in prayer. I hope paradise treats you well today and does not hold you too late. Linda, Marisa, Mary, Sherry, Marlene and the rest of the house . Have a great day all...BBL!
  5. Linda, so sorry about your mom. I'm lifting you and your family up in prayer. I remember you mentioning the generations of your family last year.
  6. Sherry, sounds like you had a great day. Good for you. Congrats to GS and Happy Birthday to DD. Good night housemates!
  7. Quick check in... Cindy, your dinner sounds delicious. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your scarf. I'm so sorry there's flooding in your neighbors area. Praying that not too much damage is done. I'm glad you're getting to relax. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
  8. Good afternoon housemates! Joanne, sending to you and DD. I hope you do get some r&r. She will survive and I believe she'll have the family she wants. I'll continually lift her up in prayer. The new yarn place...is it by any chance called "Chelsea"? It was on my fb feed and I wondered if it was near you or Judy. It rained here as well and the temp dropped dramatically. We turned on the heat again. Mary, glad to hear from you. I'm glad dad is doing okay. I hope you will get to eat a home cooked meal. If I were near, I'd cook it for your myself. I hope you can get some
  9. Just checking in to say good night. I'm so happy for Joanne and the people of Boston. Joanne...now you can exhale. Cindy, I like your hummingbird cross stitch. Have a great night all.
  10. Good morning housemates! Marlene, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with flooding. I hope you the rain subsides and spare you any additional problems. I know Maya was elated to see you. Enjoy your weekend with your girls. Joanne, I'm so sorry for your DD's betrayal...lifting her up in prayer. Have you heard from your DD in Boston. She's in my prayers and thoughts and they try to apprehend the other suspect. I hope you got some rest last night. Cindy, You did well with the beef. I'll be remembering your nephew in prayer today as well. I love Anne (with an E) of Green G
  11. Good morning housemates! As of right now we have a beautiful sunny day. There is the possiblity of scattered thunderstorms. We didn't get the rain that Linda got last night. We have a 20% chance today and 100% tomorrow. Marlene, so glad you had safe travels. It was nice that you got to see SIL & MIL. Maya is going to be soooo happy to see you this weekend. Is it warm enough as your house or did you go home to coldness? I bought one of those little $5 crochet booklets from Walmart with 11 patterns for crochet booties. It has sandals, high top sneakers, booties, etc. I didn'
  12. Cindy, that homemade soap sound wonderful. We have 30% chance for rain on tomorrow and 100% for Friday. It's overcast and warm here. I have to deal with allergies year round but it's always worst during springtime. Joanne, I'm glad DD is handling the bomb situation as best as she can. It does help to talk about your feelings. Sorry you're still working longs days but as you said at least you still have some daylight. Linda, glad you're feeling better. I had no doubt that you could hand that store by yourself. I'm glad you're enjoying your job. We should get some relief the nex
  13. Good morning housemates! Joanne, I hope yesterday wasn't too stressful for DD. Cindy, I, too, would have stayed and posted my own charting. Enjoy your time off. Are you and hubby going anywhere? Marisa, glad you had time with your parents. Sorry to hear about your dad's coworker. Lifting your mom up in prayer. Linda, I'm glad you have allergies under control. Mine are not. I'm miserable. Mary, praying for traveling grace to your dad's and lifting him up in prayer as well. Sherry, lifting you up in prayer. Hope all goes well with pt. 59 earthquakes is a lot.
  14. Good morning, Sherry, I hope all is well. I can't imagine being awakened by an earthquake. I prefer thundersoms too as long as nobody loses power or lives. Be careful. Off to do some work. to everyone at the house! BBL!
  15. Final check in for the day. Lifting the citizens of Boston and their families up in prayer. Cindy, glad you had a good day at work. Hope DH gets some rest tonight. Joanne, glad that your daughter is safe. Have a good night housemates. See you tomorrow!!
  16. Good afternoon housemates! Thank you all for praying for Nancy. She woke up crying because she and Tim always discussed te goodness of the Lord before they would let their feet hit the floor and then they would pray together. However, she did attend church. She said that their relationship was such that she can't help but to have peace. However, we know that she's human and will go through the grieving process. His funeral is Thursday. She'll have a hard time on all of the "first" as we all do. They did EVERYTHING together. Continue to pray for her. I talked to her this morning an
  17. Good Sunday afternoon all! Thanks for the prayers for Nancy. I know today is also especially hard as it is his (Tim's) birthday. Linda, glad you got some qualitytime with your daughter. Two weeks in July with GS and DD sounds wonderful. I'm going to continue to work with the thread because I see a great improvement. Cindy, sounds like you have a big baby. What are you doing today? When do you work again. Looking forward to pictures of the sweater. Joanne, I'm so glad you're getting time with your GSs. Thanks for the link to the basket. I'd like to make one of those. Ha
  18. Just dropped in to say good night! My best friend Mary from home (Bama) says Nancy (her sister) needs much prayer. She and her husband were very close. They were also empty nesters. She's taking his death very hard. Linda, I'm glad you're enjoying your new job and receiving money for it. Don't take it all to Hobby Lobby and then there's Walmart practically across the street. So happy for you. Marlene, Praying safe travels for you all. I know you're stopping off to visit...so when will you actually be back in Michigan at your home? Keep up posted when you can as you travel.
  19. Good morning housemates! Just dropped in to say hello. Pray for one of my friends back in Bama...She lost her husband. His birthday is tomorrow, he would have been 52 years old. They have a son and daughter both adults. Enjoy your Saturday! BBL!
  20. Good evening housemates! Marisa, I'm sorry about Maryann's loss. Lifting her up in prayer along with her mom. Have a good weekend with your parents. Cindy, I'm glad you got your power back. Hope DH doesn't get too sick. Make pictures of the sweater. Linda, It's almost like we didn't get any rain in regards to the pollen. It's already yellow here. However, we have lots and lots of trees. Your job sounds perfect. You have old school work ethics. You're hired to do a job and it's weird doing personal stuff while earning money. Mary, I'm glad your internet is back. Ma
  21. Good morning housemates! Linda, I'm so glad you're doing so well on the job and I'm not at all surprised. Is your store in the same store front mall as Hobby Lobby? WTG on getting the shawl half way finished. Be careful this evening with the thunderstorms coming in. At least, they will only last throughout the evening and early Friday morning. We have a beautiful weekend on tap. Cindy, sorry about your internet. Did you get a chance to do any crafts? Yes, I'm feeling a little better. However, I know that I need to see a doctor because something is going on in my body. Thanks f
  22. Wow Linda, that's awesome. It's almost like working from home with you being able to craft at work. Thanks for the tip on the drs. appointment. I will call them tomorrow and ask them to do that. I hope you're having a great time a work.
  23. Good morning/afternoon all! Like Mary, along with everything else, my allergies are on the rampage. I have problems year round but sometimes worst than others. This is a worst than others. My car is covered in pollen. My poor DGN is worst than me, her eyes will actually close up. She can not go outside except to go to the bus/car until this pollen is gone. I made a doctor's appointment...however, they can't see me until June. I don't have insurance so I have to wait. At least, I finally got in. Jeannie, praying for you and your granddaughter. Your scarf is beautiful. Pray
  24. Linda, congrats on getting the job. What is your schedule or will it vary from week to week?
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