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  1. Joanne - The blanket turned out nice. I have to finish a small portion of the last row and the border. Then I'll try to post pictures. Mary - Thanks. I am looking for work but I hope I can stay home for a couple of months. We'll see. I'm glad to be back. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Julie. Thank you. I do know that I don't want anything to do with retail.
  3. It's a baby blanket taken from one of Leisure Arts little books "Pink & Blue for Baby. I made the pink one only it's yellow. I'll try to get pictures. Thanks. I still didn't get to the organizing today. I got to the last row of the baby afghan and ran out of thread. I wanted to complete. I'll let you know when I get everything together. Judy - Hope you're feeling better. Hello to everyone else. I've been running around and crocheting in between all day. Gotta go pick up my niece from work. I'll check back in later.
  4. Thanks. I hope so too. Thanks Linda. I'm glad to be back. I'm feeling much better and didn't realize how stressed I was. Don't know what the future holds but I do know who hold the future. I'm not a quitter and would have stayed until I had a stroke or heart attack. Thank you so much. I'm glad to be back. Thanks for the hugs. I didn't get to the organizing as I planned because I started on one of the wips and I couldn't put it down. I need to do about 10 more rows and it done. Thanks for your condolences and yes I was. I was soo tired I couldn't think. It is a ble
  5. Good afternoon all, I've missed you guys. I've had a rough 6 months. Lost my dad and enduring harrassment on the job while working 90+ hours per week. Well as Judy stated in the 2011 challenge crochet along, it is probably a blessing indisguise that I was terminated. I'm going to fight it but not to get the job back. I was probably on the verge of a stroke. I'm glad that I'll be able to spend time in here again. I'm spending today getting all of my wips organized and setting a goal to complete each one. Hope you ladies are all doing well.
  6. Hello everyone! Gotta go to work in a couple of hours. Just checking back in. All is well. Thank you guys for your kind words. Thanks for all the hugs. I hope each of you are doing well. Julie, I hope you're feeling better. I get off at 3. Hopefully, I'll come home, do a few chores and get a chance to crochet & gossip. :o)
  7. Hello everyone. I've missed you guys but it was unavoidable. One of my shift supervisors was fired. My DM took the only one left out to work on a team for the district cosmetic reset. I've had to open and close my store everyday until I put my foot down and said no more! As you know, my Dad had heart surgery on Jan 10th, the DM would not get me coverage to go home. My Dad never made it back home. On Feb 15th, my stepmom called and said if we wanted to see him we needed to get to Alabama asap. I lost it and told the DM just what I thought. I went to Bama on 2/16...my dad had a great da
  8. Thanks Sue. I'm doing 1 with single thread. It's working out great. Next time I will try double strand.
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