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  1. Good afternoon housemates! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good weekend. Linda - glad you made it home safely. I'm with Judy, I'd get me plenty of warm clothing and head to Iowa. I don't have children but I enjoy living with my sister and her clan. My little great niece Jaleia Marie keeps me laughing. Nothing like family. Mary - I hope all is well with your cable. It's been cooler here in the early morning hours and not too hot in the afternoon. It feels like September here. We're getting more rain this week. What's on your hook? Joanne - I hope you had some me time ye
  2. Good morning housemates! I tried to check in earlier and it would not give me the dialog box. Thanks for all the well wishes. Judy - I love both of your ghans. My sister took a job at a daycare center when she moved back to Alabama. She has asked me to make some of the quilt ghans for her to sell. I just hate the stitching together but hey it's money. Praying for your friend Gary. Marisa - Hope all is well with your mother. I have to have a colonoscopy as well. Looking forward to seeing your ktb pictures. Mary - It was cool here this morning but it's going to get up
  3. Good morning housemates! Just checking in. Nothing going on here. I'm going to attach the boat and animals to the Noah's ghan and start the yellow ghan for another order. I received an order last night as well. I'm going to lay down a couple of hours before I get started. This dark and dreary weather is not helping at all. Have a great day all.
  4. Good morning housemates! I haven't read post yet. I wanted to check in since I feel okay today. I had a follow up with the doctor on the 18th. My blood count is low, my blood pressure had improved but not like she wanted it to. She changed the blood pressure med. My next follow up is 9/5 with a visit to the cardiologist in between. Hopefully, I'm getting past the point where the meds make me tired. I didn't feel like doing anything including typing. With facebook, it's easy to click or do one liners lol. My laptop died. I'm having to use my sister's when she's taking a brea
  5. Good morning housemates! Happy 4th to everyone. I slept 6 hours before waking . I think my body is finally getting rid of the fluid and regulating itself to the medication. Joanne, my sister, who thinks she knows everything and pretty much does (lol), told me to take it at the same time. I dropped my niece off an hour ago at work and I'm not as tired as usual. I'm usually up every hour on the hour. Mary, cute picture of Zach! We have rain through next Monday . No visitors from Alabama this weekend. Be careful everyone and enjoy your day! Again, thanks for the g
  6. Good evening all! Checking in. I'm feeling a little better today. My computer is acting up so I'm using my sister's while she cleans the kitchen. Mary, I'm doing an afghan I got off "Crochet" on facebook called Shells and Doubles. After working it, I realized it was the same as Cindy's "Peek-A-Boo" Blanket. They are doing it in multiple colors and calling it "Shells and Doubles". I will post pictures when I feel up to it. Have a good evening everybody!
  7. Good morning housemates! Thanks for the well wishes. I went to the doctor on Thursday. My blood pressure was high. She gave 2 new scripts for that. She did an EKG...slightly enlarged heart for which she says happens to people with high blood pressure. I had blood work and urine sample...won't know the results for 2 weeks. She wants to focus on getting the blood pressure down first. My legs are slowly going down. My allergies are really kicking my behind. She is also sending me to a weight specialist. I'm still not feeling great but at least I know work is being done to find ou
  8. Good afternoon housemates! I got up about an hour ago. I'm still alive! I have my good days. I have 10 more days and I see the doctor . I scrolled to the post. Thank you guys for thinking of me. Judy, I love your ghan and hats. to everyone. I'll stay in touch!
  9. Hi housemates! Checking in! Feeling ok but not doing too much. Spending more time laying around than anything. Counting down...doctor visit. Hugs to all.
  10. Just checking In housemates! Cindy, love your Bico. Hope your back is better! Mary, glad the storm missed you! Thanks everybody for your concern. Hugs to all my housemates. I'm outside on my niece's tablet and she's reaching for it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies!
  11. Hello Housemates! I read through all the post but did not take notes. Mary, lifting you and your family up in prayer...so sorry about your dad. Luke is soo cute! Judy, I love those colors and also the picture of the blanket you posted. Cindy, I love the scarf you're working on. I've been feeling lousy. I had an appointment with the financial counselor (I don't have insurance) for the doctor I'm going to see. God is so good...I qualify $10 copay for medical and dentist, $50 copay for emergency room visit. I have the Drs appointment on June 27th. I'm dealing with on/off
  12. Good morning Housemates! I've been sleeping in between my runs til 1 & 2 in the afternoon. I've had good days and some bad days. My allergies are really working me over. We've had rain the last 2 days!. Marlene, Jaleia Marie stays on "ready" to go to Bama. My sister called and told her she'd come and pick her up as soon as she gives the word. If she has her way, she'll be gone next weekend since school is out on Thursday. She usually stays in Bama until the weekend before school starts. I'm lifting you and your family up in prayer. I hope hubby and brothers make up soone
  13. Good afternoon housemates! Joanne, sorry you had to miss craft club but glad you got time with Ryan. I hope paradise is being kind to you today. Mary, don't appologize for life. We're here for you. I hope the cleaning service works out. I hired a maid when I was working on my master's degree and working...let her clean once. She did a great job but she didn't put everything back as it was. I had an expensive ceramic bird that fell of the shelf and broke because of that. Continously, lifting you and your dad up in prayer. Linda, I'm glad you're getting to see your dd and gs a
  14. Good afternoon housemates! I'm glad you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Not much going on here. Cindy, That is a beautiful scarf. Glad you're getting to have a nice vacation. Linda, your weekend sounds like you got some quality rest time doing what you wanted to do. Joanne, I'm so glad you had time with at least 2 of you DDs. Sounds like you had the best weekend ever...2 weekends in a row. Judy, your yard is so pretty. Marlene, what you got on the hook? Marisa, I hope all is going well with your mom's dr's visit. Praying! Sherry, praying for your streng
  15. Good afternoon housemates! Linda, I'm so glad your job is working out for you. It appears that you're enjoying it and there's mutual respect between you and the owners. Your great customer service guarantees a return customer. Enjoy your day off. Joanne, I was flipping through one of my pattern books and I ran across the one I made from Cindy's pattern. I think they are almost alike. I got this one from one of the crochet groups on FB. There's a couple of small differences but pretty much the same. Have fun at your dinner tonight. You only have one more day and then it's the we
  16. Hello housemates! Joanne, the Bama ghan is going great. However, I only work on it when I'm in the car waiting for my passengers. I think I only need to do about 5 more rows and then I can put on the border. It's fairly easy...1 row of doubles, ch 3, sk 2 dc, shell, sk 2 dc across, dc, ch 3(change color). It's 2 rows per color. I'm doing crimson, white, crimson, gray, crimson, white. When will you be finished with your project and return to normal work? I hope you get a good night's rest. Marlene, I've had a couple of okay days...just not as productive as I would like to be. I'
  17. Good morning housemates! Just a quick drop in to say hello and wish everyone a terrific Tuesday! Joanne, glad you made it home safely! Sherry, I'm sorry you're so tired and having problems with the brace. I don't have any suggestions but I'm praying for you. Marlene, glad you had time with grandkids. I hope you get to spend more time with Jocelyn and Payton this summer. Linda, you're really making progress on your projects. Mary, when my dad retired and was first home all the time, he about drove my mom crazy . She slowly adjusted. I hope everyting works out for yo
  18. Happy Nurse's Day...Joanne (& daughter) & Cindy!!! Happy Teacher's Week to any teachers that may be in the house!
  19. Hello housemates! Read all the posts but didn't take notes. to all. Safe travels for those that on the highway!
  20. Hello housemates! I didn't check in yesterday. It was very gloomy and rained all day here. I spent most of the day relaxing and reading. Marlene, the Bama ghan is a baby ghan that I saw on the crochet page. I liked it and decided to do it in Bama colors. I'm going to make a hat and possibily some booties to go with it to put on the page for sale. I hope you're having a great weekend with your granddaughters. I hope you can get something worked out with the cable situation. Joanne, I'm so glad you had got to spend time with your dd and they weather cooperated. It sounds like
  21. Good afternoon housemates! Joanne, I'm glad you're getting together with DD today. I hope the weather is beautiful for you guys. Take pictures. Judy, Happy that your son's practice is doing so well. Now, if we can only get him to commit to a relationship and give you some grandkids. Cindy, Your daughters found quite the bargains yesterday. Glad you had some time with both of your girls. Hope this weekend is not too hard on you. Did you decide where you were going or did you guys decide to just wing it? Linda, Thinking of you and praying for comfort. Remember to take ca
  22. Good afternoon housemates! Cindy, hope you had fun garage saling. Marisa, glad your mom had some good days at least. Praying she'll get a break through soon. Joanne, glad you had fun on the cruise. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy your time with DD. Marlene, glad you discovered that you needed new license plates before the police stopped you. Sherry, sympathizing with you and the move. I still have boxes and I moved in October. Mary, hope all is well with you. Linda, you're right...it's down right chilly here. There's rain in the forecast for the weekend. I hope you g
  23. Good afternoon housemates! Joanne, glad you made it to Boston safely. Your dinner cruise sounds wonderful. Marlene, I'm so glad Maya and Jocelyn will get to spend some time together celebrating her birthday. My cousins are like my sisters. Don't overdo your Spring cleaning. Looking forward to seeing your new scarf. Mary, I think that animals do have a sense of time. Our cat, "MJ" starts crying (not meowing) when my nephew stays pass 8 hours on his job. He goes and sits in front of the door to wait for him. Jackson worked 7-4 yesterday, came home, went to bed and had to be ba
  24. Good afternoon housemates, Just got up. Thanks for your concern. Feeling a little better but not 100%. Mary, I love your projects. Zach is so handsome and growing so fast. I hope things go well for your dad's situation. Marisa, I'm so happy for your mom. I hope that this improvement continues for your mom. Joanne, Praying traveling grace for you. Enjoy your conference and time with DD. Sherry, I hope the brace works for your leg. Wishing you well with your closing and moving. Cindy, I hope you have a wonderful vacation. It sounds like fun...just going and being.
  25. Just dropped in to say helllo. I'm not feeling well today! to all! Have a good day!
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