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  1. Mary, glad all is well with Gracie and hoping she'll cooperate with having to stay in her crate. Linda, glad dd is feeling better and gs loved your casserole. Have a good night everybody!
  2. Good morning housemates! Linda, I was thinking the same thing as Marlene about you sharing a bigger place with your dd & dgs. I enjoy living with my family but there are times I wish it was just me. I wouldn't mind a bigger place like a mother-in-law quarters. Praying healing for you all. Mary, glad you had fun this weekend. Thinking of you and Gracie this morning. Cindy, enjoy your 3 days off. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new kitchen. Judy, glad you're feeling better. I hope you fully recover soon. Marlene, age does not matter when it come to siblin
  3. Hello housemates! It's cold here too and will be even colder tomorrow morning. My nephew is off today. My niece had to be at work at 4 am. She drove herself. I didn't have to leave home. I got the cast off. My hand is still broken but healing nicely. I'm in a splint. I have to go back in a month. I haven't tried to crochet yet because my hand is still swollen and sore. Cindy, your Sophie blanket is pretty. Congrats on the progress of your kitchen. Linda, glad you're on the mend. Marlene, congrats on your new grandbaby. Mary, praying all is well for little Gr
  4. Good morning housemates! Thanks ladies! I'm feeling somewhat better. My left arm is aching slightly. I think I'm still getting some swelling off and on. I was drugged and slept most of yesterday. Thursday can't get here fast enough. I'm down to 2 days a week pt for my back. I will also have to do pt for my hand. I just want to get back to hooking. Cindy, your scrap Sophie sound pretty. Judy, I think black, white and pink will be pretty too. Well off I go to drop the niece and nephew off at work. Have a great everybody!
  5. Just lost my post again. I'm not feeling to well so I just say hello everybody and try again later. Have a good day all!
  6. Good afternoon housemates! It's gloomy and raining off and on here. Marlene, sorry for your friend's loss. Joanne, sounds like you and the boys had a good time. Did you get any hooking time? Mary, I can imagine how tired you are. Our Jacob has to lay on a human body to go to sleep...thanks to his mom. Well back to watching the basketball game and maybe a little snoozing. My nephew is working the 10-6:30 shift so I have a while before I have to go out. Enjoy your evening ladies.
  7. Good morning Judy and the rest of the housemates. I'm glad the snow was not too serious.Gray and pink will be pretty. My neighbor is expecting a baby. She stated she wants a gray and white chevron blanket. I was thinking of doing it but adding pink since the baby is a girl. Just dropped my nephew off at work so I'm home bound until 3 pm. I'm going back to bed. Have a super Saturday everybody.
  8. Just got back from pt. Judy & Joanne and all of you that got now...be careful. It's cloudy & warm here in Georgia. We're suppose to have a beautiful weekend. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
  9. Good afternoon housemates! Judy, your blanket is nice. Somebody is really going to enjoy it. Have fun reading. I hate it when I can't speak my opinion and feel the same as you. Mary, the hand has some good days and some bad days. This cast is driving me crazy. I pray that next Thursday's xray shows a healed hand. Otherwise, it will be another cast. Marlene, you seem to be having lots fun. I like reading about your adventures. Joanne, I saw your knitted blanket on FB. You did a great job! Cindy, I hope you enjoyed your two days off. Linda, Enjoy your quiet weeken
  10. Good morning housemates! I did get on yesterday afternoon but lost the post as I was in a hurry. I had to pick up my niece. I didn't get a chance to get back on. I dropped her off about an hour ago.Hopefully she'll get off earlier today. I was about to go back to bed but Jacob woke up. I'll have to catch up on posts later...nanny duties call. It's raining here and turning cold again. Have a good day all.
  11. Lost my original post. My hand is hurting so I'll just say good evening and I hope everyone had a good day. Good night...back tomorrow!
  12. Good morning housemates! Just dropped off my dnie & dnep at work. I love the days they go in at the same time. We have rain here through tomorrow. Temp is a little cooler 50 degrees but going back up in the 70s over the weekend. I was up and down using the potty...gotta stop drinking water earlier. I don't know if I can do it 3 hrs as suggested by Dr.Oz. Donna - I'm glad your sister's report was good. Yes, I've heard of Rome. My sister had cervical cancer and could not take chemo because she has only 1 kidney. I don't know if she's cured or just in remission. It was
  13. Jill - thanks...in what part of Alabama are you located? Joanne - yes, I was able to crochet but it was awkward because of the piece between my thumb and fore finger. I can't grip the blanket as tight as I need to. Judy - sweet of you to help your neighbor. I've sat here and snoozed on the sofa so now I guess I'll go to bed. Good night all.
  14. Thanks for the compliments. Linda - glad your gs is settling down. We have warm temps but no sun. NO surgery! Pinkie and the gang are free just below the knuckles. Hopefully, cast will come off in 2 weeks and start pt. Going to visit my neighbor...will try to crochet when I get back.
  15. Good morning Housemates! Thanks for the welcome back and well wishes for the hand. Cindy - I hope you feel better soon. Judy - Looking forward to seeing your ATW. We're having nice weather here. Donna - The dress is lovely. I know where Mableton is but I've never heard of Summerville. Lifting you and your family in prayer. Marlene - I've made 4 of the heart blankets. I've started on another Alabama houndstooth afghan. I've also made 3 ponchos, scarves and hats. I'll try to upload the ponchos. The blankets are on my niece's phone. Off to the Ortho. Have a good
  16. Hello Housemates! I'm back. Obviously, there's too much to catch up on. I did read a couple of pages back. Judy - your hats and blanket are beautiful. I love your purple and greens! Joanne - I hope you had a restful night. Cindy - Sorry about the fire. Looking forward to pictures of your new kitchen. Marlene - How sweet of you to let your friend have the afghan. Linda - I hope things get better for your gs. Donna - you have a nice family. I'm the prodigal sister today. I've been off the 'Ville for a while. I live in Georgia (Sandy Springs) as well. In
  17. Good morning housemates, Praying for Tam, Holly and their families at this time. I'm working on 4 "Heartwarming" afghans. They're for teachers. I'm also helping with my niece's new baby. She went back to work almost 2 weeks ago. My sister's nerves are shot so I try to take care of him as much as possible when DN is at work. I think my sister has had a mild stroke but won't go to the doctor. Well, I've dropped everyone off starting with my DN at 4 am, given Jacob a bottle and he's asleep. I'm going to lay down a bit before his next feeding. Hope everyone has a great day!
  18. Good evening housemates! Better late than never. Today had been one of those days. Didn't really get a chance to read post...will try to do so on tomorrow. Have a good night all.
  19. Good morning housemates! I haven't been on in a few days. I've been at it early looking for a vehicle. I haven't felt the best either. However, I had to do what I had to do...rental fees on the car are adding. Yippee...found a nice van yesterday afternoon. The entire family can sit comfortably now. I'll take the rental back today. Now that I have a little extra money...I can purchase some yarn. Judy, I love all three of your baby ghans. They are beautiful. Hope all is well with everyone else. Errands today and then hopefully, I can settle down now and check in everyday
  20. Good afternoon housemates! I was up earlier using the bathroom but went back to bed. I'm just getting up. Brrr...it's 25 degrees here. Read post but didn't take notes...will try! Joanne - glad you don't have to go out...enjoy! Sherry - beautiful ghans...boys look happy! Linda - glad you're getting to keep your job until you move. Mary - glad DH is doing okay. Judy - I can imagine Lucy and Sparkie in the snow. Nice picture. Cindy - enjoy your time in Canada, sorry you had to go to work in this weather. Holly - enjoy your time off as well and stay warm.
  21. Good afternoon housemates! Mary - sounds like you and I have the same job. I spent most of yesterday in the car. I've just gotten home from today's early start. I have to pick up my nephew in about 15 minutes. However, I'll not have to go back out today. I hope you get a chance to get in some crocheting time. I found the perfect car...only to find out that someone was inside signing the papers for it. Oh well! Back to the drawing board. My sister outdid herself on the grilling. She grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, pork chops, ribs. wingettes and Boston butt. We have
  22. Good morning housemates! Just dropped the Nephew off at work. I still haven't found a car yet. Lots to do today. We're meeting my youngest sister half way (Anniston) to pick up some grilling she did on yesterday. We love to grill and when we lived in Bama, we grilled year round. Georgia has a law that you're not allowed to grill on your patio in an apartment building. Little sis grilled so she took care of us too. I'm suppose to turn the car in this evening but I think I'm going to extend it one more week. Sherry - praying for little Missy. Joanne - glad that you h
  23. Good afternoon housemates! Just checking in. I don't think I did yesterday. I haven't found a car yet...still looking!
  24. Good morning housemates! Tam - lifting Michael in prayer. I agree with you on communicating through crochet. Nothing speaks louder than the time and love we put into making string into something beautiful. Joanne - you sound so happy with the quality time you're getting to spend with your family. I'm so happy and you're so deserving with all the hours you've put in at work this last year or two. Linda - I hope you're relieved of your pain soon. I have problems with my right leg hurting from time to time so I understand your pain. I hope you have a great day at work and enjoy y
  25. Good morning housemates! Joanne - I haven't found the car yet. Still looking. It's so good to know that you're getting to spend time with your girls. Tam - Thanks you in advance. Florida sounds so good at this time. Have a great day everybody!
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