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  1. Thank you everyone for all the compliments for my Famous Crocheters List -- it's taken a lot of time & research to compile. Thankfully I've had some fantastic help along the way! ... just in the 10 days Debra Norville (of Inside Edition) and Alyssa Milano have been confirmed as Famous Crocheters ... I'm updating the list today! Thank you, MaryPat, for the heads-up on Gloria Vanderbilt; I will add her to the list of Waiting to be Confirmed. RenniC, any chance of getting a picture of Rosemary (or her crochet work) actually crocheting? I would love to start adding photos of our Famous Crocheters BTW: I think the original link in this thread was from my old website host. The list is now here: crochetwithdee.webs.com/famouscrocheters.htm
  2. AOL has announced that at the end of this month it will close ALL web sites and Journals (aka blogs)! If you have bookmarks to favorite patterns & how to's, then I strongly recommend you print them NOW. Please note copyright protections still remain in place. I am in the process of moving my Crochet(ing)WithDee sites ... the .coms will be transferred to the new locations, but the individual page addresses you know/have bookmarked now will cease to work after the 31st. This is a royal pain, but was AOL's decision.
  3. Bumping up this thread ... there must be more Connecticut'eers in Crochetville!
  4. Suzi, to this day I am delighted to offer the button you made for my blog! Thank you for making me feel special every day that I see it there!
  5. For those interested in "sampling" the Fashion Show, I have three videos uploaded to my blog, each with a different "theme." There are also a ton of pictures with a few more to come.
  6. It was a pleasure to meet you Amy, and the many Crochetvillagers too!
  7. Should you find yourself in the Danbury area on the 2nd Sunday of the month, consider joining us for one of our crochet meetings sometime. We gather at the Danbury Hospital. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more info!
  8. Thank you for participating!! It's people like you, who choose to help me every year, that really deserve the applause! Your scarves are beautiful, and I am sure will enlighten the hearts of those who receive them!
  9. It wasn't your fault; yarn has mind of it's own. In all due seriousness, it jumped into your arms and demanded to be adopted. Happens to me all the time!
  10. I think it depends upon who you think your Readers will be. I know my Readers appreciate that I stay pretty much on target -- crochet in theme. I do have another blog where I rant about things under my skin from time to time. I suggest to start writing and see where your entries take you; ask your Readers also what brought them to your blog and that will give you some insight about them.
  11. I'm from the Danbury area -- looking to connect with other Connecticut residents! What area of the state are you from?
  12. I would love if we could teach Mickey & Minnie how to crochet! Daisy & Daffy too!
  13. From Danbury, CT: 16 hours For me, it would need to be scheduled in the summer time AND with a major airport nearby.
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