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  1. If you've seen the movie, you can see that it actually has "ear flaps" toward the back, and that's where the tassles are attatched (I just watched it yesterday to make sure, lol). HTH
  2. I'm looking for a pattern for a christening gown. I'm willing to buy one, but I haven't found one that i like, yet. I want it made out of yarn and not thread. Any ideas? TIA
  3. I made an "emergency diaper change station", lol, or at least that's what I call it. I got the idea from all the hook cases everyone is doing (I made one for my mom for her knitting needles). All this is, is three "pockets" that fold up like the hook case, and instead of a button closure, I made a cord that wraps around to tie it closed. In the pockets you can put a couple of diapers, a travel wipes case, and a waterproof changing pad, and maybe a "stuff sack" (for dirty diapers or clothes). It's the perfect size to put in your car under the seat, hence it's name, lol. I made the pattern up myself, and I wish I had a pic of it (I may still take one, lol) but I've got to figure a way to get it onto my computer, lol. Now, to refine it (maybe in sc instead of hdc, lol). It's also done in cotton yarn instead of regular ww (I think cotton takes to washing a bit better). Now I can't wait to see if my cousin likes it, lol.
  4. Do you want one that you use half a towel with? I've made some of those, and kind of combined a couple of patterns to get what I wanted. Basically I just sc across the cut half of the towel, then did some rows of dc until I thought it was long enough, then just started dcecreasing the stitches a bit each row until I had a strip the width that I wanted. Then just did dc until that strip was long enough to loop through and button. HTH, and if not, I'll look and see which patterns I combined, lol.
  5. My cousin is having her first baby in April, and I want to make her something, but we have a lot of crafters in our family (knitters, crocheters, quilters, cross-stitchers) and I don't want to just make her a baby afghan, as I'm sure she'll get a knitted one from my mom and a baby quilt from her mom, and possibly our aunt. Any ideas? I don't know what she is having, so it would have to be something that is gender nuetral. TIA
  6. I think what she really wants is no synthetic fibers. thanks for the links...
  7. I am wanting to make a baby afghan for a friend's little boy, but she would like all natural material. Any ideas? I was thinking cotton or wool, but this is for a baby, so I want something soft. TIA
  8. I just have to tell you that I live in Rockford, where the original sock monkey came from, lol.
  9. I was thinking about making my own slit, but the few bunting bags that I liked are button up the front, and the buttons are right where I would want the slit. In other words, I can't figure out how to make a horizontal slit on a vertical button band. Make sense? Anyway, I think I may have figured something out. I'm going to give it a try for my neighbor who's due in February. Her baby will be my guinnea pig, lol. Thanks for the ideas!
  10. Okay, since I'm now pregnant, I, of course, want to make lots of baby things, lol. I'm looking for a baby bunting pattern. I've seen a few online, but the problem I have with them is that I'd like to be able to use it with a car seat, and none of these patterns have a "slit" to make them car seat compatible. Any ideas?
  11. I just wanted to show off my mom. She knits, and she made this afghan for the Purdue University School of phamacy (she works there)...
  12. I don't know of any patterns, but I thought I would throw out an idea here... My mom has knitted a Purdue afghan (two different ones, actually) and a Ball state afghan, making the gragh herself. I say, make a graph using the team's name or mascot name and go from there. If you want to make one with a pic of the mascot, I'm no help to you, lol. Good luck!!
  13. Jay and Silent Bob!!!!! I love those guys!!! Welcome, Nikki!
  14. How plus size do you need? I have a couple of patterns, in various books and magazines, that may work for you. Some are men's patterns, but they would be great for weekend wear. Also, the "late night sweater" (or as someone else put it, SSS) would be easy to adapt to a larger size (I think, lol). If you're interested in what I have, you can email me at r0glesby@yahoo.com (that's a zero after the r). HTH
  15. Where do you keep your hooks? Most of them are in a little case next to my chair, lol Do you block stuff? Nope Do you dream "in crochet"? ummm...no Biggest think you ever crocheted? Smallest? prolly the afghan that I made for my MIL Where do you keep your WIPs? most are next to my chair, some are in my closet, waiting for me, lol Do you make things for yourself Sometimes
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