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  1. I chose a unicorn because I figured no one else would and we don't get enough unicorns in adulthood . Hey, it could work its tail and mane could be yarn and its horn could be a crochet hook . Either way I don't think it should be animals that are used for yarn (sheep, alpaca, etc.) because every yarn/crochet/knitting shop uses them as their mascot. And, I think it kind of discriminates a bit against other yarns. Something cute, like a cat, dog, unicorn or even a ball of yarn as suggested. I think if it were a ball of yarn and animated it would be cute to have the yarn crocheting with its own yarn and unraveling itself or something like that.
  2. Hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to stiffen up a bottom of a slipper? I was thinking of cutting a piece of cardboard and placing it inbetween 2 croceted soles, for each foot, but then the slipper wouldn't be washable. I can't get to the store to buy anything so i'm trying to think of something I might have or something I can do to make them less floppy/twisty. I was thinking of making either: http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/slipper-pattern/star47/mens-slippers or http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/slipper-pattern/star47/mens-scuffs If I make the second pair I will for sure need something to stiffen the sole. I think if I can't find anything else I might just use cardboard and say don't put them in the washer. Unless, someone has experience with cardboard and knows that does not work well? Thanks for any help! :yarn
  3. Oh my gosh I have been wanting this book! I just entered! Thank you for the chance! Fingers crossed!!!
  4. I would love to be entered! Thank you so much for the chance!
  5. OMG, Yea! I won something! Yippee!!!! Such a fun day! Thanks, Amy! And thanks everyone for all the fun and inspiration!
  6. Such a cute bear! Last bear I made didn't exactly turn out so well. He still hs some work he needs to make him look more bearih and less, uh, unattractive.
  7. Just because it has a black screen with green type and is hard on the eyes doesn't mean it doesn't get cold .
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