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    i am a mother of four and a grandmother of four. Two of the four are identical twins.
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    newport, ar
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    i love to crochet. i do other crafts as well. I am in the process of getting my book published.
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    i am a caregiver yto my husband who has ms.
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    i like crocheting clothes, toys, and blankets.
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    i have been crocheting since my mom taught me at about 10.

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  1. Hello and welcome. What part of ar do u live in I live in Jackson county.
  2. I love it because i can knit with one needle instead of 2. I know how to knit but i do t like the two needles.
  3. Just tryed my knook kit, got the leisure art one, had to watch video on you tube to figure it out. Its totaly different from the kit instructions but it works and its pretty easy. Did the basket weave pattern, it looks neat.
  4. I got the knook kit from my swap partner, thanks moo moo, but havnt tried it yet. Been trying to finish up other projects, hope to try it soon.
  5. Its been almost a year but im back. Had alot happen since i was last here. But im glad to be back.
  6. Let me start by saying, i love my mom. She sent me 2 big packages in the mail. 1 i got yesterday that was filled with patterns, and a bigger one that came today filled with wonderfull, glorious, magical yarn. Yes ladies i did say yarn. Bamboo yarn, alpaca yarn, crochet thread, cotton yarn, al kinds of yarn. I was down to about 20 used cakes of yarn, now my stash has been replenished. Oh how i love my mom. i was so happy i had to tell someone. My dh thought i was weird. I asked him havnt you seen anyone get excited over yarn before. He answered no, your weird. Dont you all wish you were lucky like me. Lol
  7. Born in queens, ny. Moved to long island. Than to southern cali when i was seven. Moved back to long island when i was 14. Moved to pa when i was 34. Moved to arkansas a year ago to be close to grand kids and daughter.
  8. That is beautifull. It will look georgous when it is done. I think your daughter will love it no matter when she gets it. Ive seen that pattern too. Always wanted to make a thread spread.
  9. yes i love my winder. I used to use my hubby but than his left hand got weak and i had no choice but to get one.
  10. okay these are my favorite tools. My nightstand that holds half my wip. My end table that holds my other wip. My other end table that holds my hooks and scissors. My glass dish that holds my yarn needles. My tote that holds what i have left of my yarn. And my yarn ball winder which is no more fun because i have no yarn left to wind. And all my undone projects that i havnt touched in a couple of days because im waiting for dog to have puppies.
  11. i have no problem casting on. I have no problem doing first row of knit and pearl. Its when i go to do another knit row i have a hard time getting my needle back in the stitch. Am i pulling yarn to tight or doing it wrong? Help
  12. looking for free sock patterns cuff down. My walmart doesnt carry pattern books and there are no craft stores by me. Can anyone help.
  13. im working on the same pattern. Its called a brick stitch. Its made in rows of single crochet. But you dont turn. You end and start a new row. But mine is done with 3 rows of single crochet and then you do a row in black. 5 single crochet than a tripple three rows down. Than 5 single than aa triple three rows down till the end. Was it in the book that you gave me. I will check and let you know.
  14. shes still goes on once and a while. Sheds been busy taking care of my dad. He has health issues too. Seems like we r forever taking care of husbands. Well i guess thats what in sickness and health means. The one thing that kills my hubby is he can no longer work and hes worked all his life. Its hard.
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