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    i am a mother of four and a grandmother of four. Two of the four are identical twins.
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    newport, ar
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    i love to crochet. i do other crafts as well. I am in the process of getting my book published.
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    i am a caregiver yto my husband who has ms.
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    i like crocheting clothes, toys, and blankets.
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    i have been crocheting since my mom taught me at about 10.

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  1. I am thankfully for everything in my life. There is nothing that I don't give thanks for. I am very thankfully that I wake up every morning and get to live another day. That tote is beautiful.
  2. I am looking for anyone who is willing to sell or donate any yarn or hooks. I gave away all my yarn and hooks when I thought I was moving to new York. Needless to say it fell through and I have no yarn or hooks. We are living with friends until we save up enough money to move and I am bored to tears with no crocheting to do. Please pm me. Thank you
  3. Its red heart tweed. I've used it in a blanket. Is it still for sale?
  4. Hello and welcome. What part of ar do u live in I live in Jackson county.
  5. Mailman delivered package today. When i opened it i was shocked. I love everything in it. I will poost pics later. Tryying to figgure out this tablet. But i can tell you what was inside. A whole bunch of i love this yarn. Nice verigated colors. A afghan book with tons of yarn to make any afghan i want including hooks. alot of cotton yarn and some purse handles Alot of cotton crochet a book with patterns and hooks A neet kaboodle that i have been searchng for with plenty of pockets scissors, needles, a needle holder some dmc cotten crochet that i have never seen before that i am gonna enjoy crocheting with some jelly bellys, red hots which my hbby confiscated along with the word search book, and some ike and mikes. And a lovely letter. Thank you so much cyndi, i love it all, and when i get home i will start on an afghan.
  6. My package cme today, unfortunatly i missed he mailman and he wouldnt leve it, so know ihave to wait another day, i as so mad.
  7. Im glad you and your son liked it, i will send you the other thing asap. I will be stalking the mailman tomorrow.
  8. Hopefully i will be able to get to store tomorrow. The remnants of isacc are heading this way, supposed to hit us tomorrow of course. So now i have to worry about wind rain and tornadoes. Oh fun. I hate storms. Well if anything bad happens hospital here we come. Oh im also getting partners package tovether. I hope she likes it.
  9. When i was little september meant the dreaded s word was around the corner. But we did het to go shopping and get new clothes. That was always fun.
  10. Just as the blister on the top of my right thumb heals, i go and dump boiling water on my middle finger on my right hand. So much for crocheting. Owwww
  11. Going shopping friday, hopefully remnants of this hurricane wont be bad when it gets to us friday.
  12. Waiting for my thumb to heal so i can finish some of my crochet projects.
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