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  1. Charlene.. That is GORGEOUS!! You daughter is soooo cute too!! I am in love with the sweater and hat set....where did you find the pattern, if you don't mind my asking. Kim
  2. Thank you!! One more...for tonight anyway. This pattern came from Crochet World magazine.
  3. Just my grandaughter again...you would not believe the stunts I had to do to get her to not pull off her hat. I got this pattern from a book I just bought second hand at Amazon. It's written by Carolyn Christmas...it's a small purse size book. I pretty much went by the pattern but threw in a few things of my own..I'm always on teh look out for funky, quirky hats. Thanks for looking!! CC always welcome.
  4. Beautiful!! I love the texture and the color.
  5. Oh my gosh, that is adorable. Thank you for posting a link to the pattern, I definetly want to try it.
  6. Sooo cute. Thank you for the link...I was wanting to try some mittens.
  7. WOW...your so talented, that is super cute afgan.
  8. I LOVE the last one!! Please, please, please share how you made that?
  9. Ohh, that is beautiful!!
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