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  1. What a great bracelet! Congrats on the design!
  2. This is gorgeous! What a precious treasure for your granddaughter, I can just imagine someday she will have this for her daughter! Congratulations
  3. Its just gorgeous! Congratulations on a beautiful afghan!
  4. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!!
  5. These are great afghans! Congratulations on finishing them, I'm sure their recipients will enjoy them!
  6. More orange, I love them! I haven't seen dishcloths like that, I will have to try it out, congratulations on such a worthy cause
  7. This is gorgeous! Love the style and the colors, congratulations on the finish, the little baby will look so sweet in it!
  8. These are really great, one of these days I'll get around to making something like this. Congratulations!!
  9. This is a beautiful blue, you must be so thrilled to have finished it, congratulations!
  10. Beautiful scarf, I love the colors!
  11. bkellya

    Honeycomb Purse

    This is a lovely purse! Congratulations
  12. bkellya

    2 Hats

    Great job on both of these, I love the spiral one in particular! Congrats!
  13. Okay...it is knitted...also my first knitted item...but still...I have not forsaken crochet, its just a side trip...LOL! OH THE GUILT! Oh well, I have an adorable Booga Bag, complete, felted, blocked, and handles in place! Its a bit smaller than I envisioned it, so the next one I will def. add more rows . Here is a link to my blog with pics and information: www.walkingthewall.com/knotted-thread/ Thanks for looking, I had so much fun making this, there will def. be more of these in my future, everyone got crocheted scarves last holidays, this year I see lots of Booga Bags
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