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  1. New free pattern on my blog! Bun-Bun Tri-ami Bunny Amigurumi
  2. Lil' Piggy Tri-ami- pig amigurumi pattern on my blog
  3. Lil' Piggy Tri-ami- pig amigurumi.....stop by my blog and take a gander!
  4. I've been having fun making these lil' guys and getting in the mood for autumn.
  5. Just updated, loads of new projects I've started. Come and see me! The Kansas Hooker...Monday 9/10/12
  6. This is an afghan I made for my bff who was married last weekend. I used a flower square from the book: 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match - Jan Eaton and a plain granny square from memory. I joined them using the flat braid method. It's large enough to cover a twin bed. More about it on my blog: The Kansas Hooker
  7. Here is the link on my blog to the free pattern to make these guys!
  8. knit knackack

    Bobble owl

    Here is an owl I just whipped up...more info on how he came to be on my blog. Thanks for looking!
  9. Very nice, especially the yellow!
  10. Just finished this up today, perfect timing to help celebrate the beautiful weather here in the heartland. More pics on my blog here and here.
  11. Nice job...love the colors!
  12. Very sweet, oh you meant the hat!!!! Very cute too!
  13. knit knackack


    The latest in my owlie group...free pattern now up on my blog! Here: Owlie pattern
  14. Just finished posting a new free pattern on my blog...take a gander! Owlie pattern Thanks!
  15. I finished this just in time to send with my DD as she returns to college this weekend. I used Dewdrops from Michaels. She loves the bling! Oops! I just realized this is knitted!
  16. This is not my own pattern but a very talented fellow crocheter....you can see her work here....you'll love perusing her blog!
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