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  1. I've finally recieved the package from Tammy! There were some problems with the postal service therefore it took a little longer for its world tour from Nebraska to Singapore. Nevertheless, its definately worth the wait!! The package is awesome!! Thanks to Tammy for being so so generous. She made me a a pastel pink pineapple tote and also a white pineapple scarf (my fave pattern!), amongst the many other things that she added. I'm losing count of all that's inside! hehe! I have attached some peeks of whats inside. I just know I am going to have so much fun with the package. It has made my day and I'm certainly happier than a lark!! Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Tammy for all her efforts as well as her Husband for going down to the post office a few times.
  2. Hello Tam! I am so pleasantly surprised to see the pic of the bag here. In my excitement to send the package to u, I had forgotten to snap a pic of it ;-P Very glad to know that u like the bag. Isn't it kinda like there's telepathy for u to mention about liking granny square and hey, the next minute one such bag arrives in your mail? hehe... Do continue to enjoy the summer and also visit my blog yeah? U can leave me messages there (or in my email) and I will respond
  3. I've packed my items into a neat package and sent it to Tammy (teakaycee) yesterday. Hope it wouldn't take long for it to reach NE from Singapore
  4. I've sent in my survey too! Have also decided what to make... will start work tonight
  5. Hi everyone! MaryK's package finally reached me yesterday! Woohoo! Thanks Mary for the 3 very cheerfully coloured dishcloths and hotpads and the efforts to send it all the way here Really appreciate it very much!
  6. Hi Mary! The postman came to my place with the parcel on Sat, 11 Apr 09 at 11.40am. Unfortunately, my Husband was at work while I was away in Indonesia for a short holiday. However, I have the parcel notification with me now and would be collecting it on Wed night, when the post office closes at 8pm instead of the usual 6pm
  7. Hi Mary! Thanks so much for the update! I was just about to send Juli an email to inform her that I will acknowledge when I receive the package - haven't forgotten about Crochetville's acknowledgement and "thank you" policy I can't wait to reach home now to get the mail notification slip! Will send my Husband down to pick it up for me from the post office over the weekend (it's the Good Friday public holiday here tomorrow, thus the office is closed). Can't wait!
  8. I really hope the package from MaryK isn't taking a world tour before it reaches me in Singapore I am so looking forward to sharing a pic of what's inside with everyone!
  9. U are very welcomed Mary! Glad u like the items Looking forward to seeing the pics of the items in C'ville here very soon
  10. I've sent out my package to MaryK yesterday too! It's gonna travel half the globe from Singapore to US, so I really hope it can reach her on time
  11. I've got my partner too! Hello MaryK! Can't wait to send and receive
  12. Thanks Juli! My nick is there in the list! Looking forward to receive the info of my swap partner
  13. Count me in too! Have emailed my survey already
  14. Hi, May I know if the swap schedule for 2009 is ready? I am very keen to join
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