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  1. My yarn arrived yesterday - I'm so behind! Here's how far I am as of yesterday: I'm making the Ballet Sweater from the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of Crochet Me.
  2. Oh Dear! It's day 2 and I'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive. I paid extra for 2nd day shipping, I might get it as late as Monday. What am I to do? I'll just keep doing wrist excercises.
  3. I've signed up! I'm doing the Ballet Sweater from the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of Crochet Me. This is going to be fun! Let the stitching begin!
  4. When you crochet a picture graph using the tunisian technique is the image reversible? For example in the Crochet Fantasy magazine they have a pattern using the profile of a horse and it's cream colored on one side and brown on the other. Is this how all tunisian turns out or is this a special stitch? Thanks!
  5. It arrived! Thank you so much! There was never a reason to be nervous. I wish I had batteries for my camera but alas I do not so here's a list of what I received: - 1 Knit Picks Gossamer in Sunrise - 2 Knit Picks Shadow in Jewels - 4 Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore - 3 Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Carrot - 3 Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth and Extras! - Shower Gloves - Facial Buff - Coconut Twist Bath Fizzie - Healing Garden ZZZtherapy Thank You!!!
  6. Well not really but Michael's said I was! I only had to compete against one other person and we chained 12 and then did rows of single crochet in 3 minutes. I was able to do 12 1/2 rows and the other contestant did 3. I was surprised I won because 1) I wasn't feeling well 2) I get nervous when people watch me crochet and 3) I don't like crocheting with plastic hooks. I received a lovely basket of yarn, hooks, a photo album, and a sketch book.
  7. Good to know! I thought maybe it had gotten lost in the mail. Can't wait!
  8. Wow that was faster than expected! So glad that you like everything! Although there was only one skein of Sock Garden I was able to make a pair of socks with just one and had some left over! Have fun!
  9. That turned out great! And I'm glad that you can make out the filet hearts on the squares I made
  10. I was wondering if you received your tea packages yet? I know that NPrairie got hers. Please let me know! Thanks!
  11. I just received an email confirming that the package was shipped today via Best Way and should arrive in 5-14 calendar days!
  12. Your box was mailed today and they said to expect it by next Fri Jan. 13th. Let me know when it arrives!
  13. Just wanted to let Group #1 know that their packages are on the way and should arrive before the end of next week (Jan. 13th). I am sooooooooo sorry about their tardiness. I won't even bother to explain why they're late because nobody probably cares. But not to worry they are on their way!
  14. Yay I can't wait! Thanks! I'll let you know the moment it gets here.
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