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    got my own busness in crocheting
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    own business
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    doll dresses and baby clothes etc
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    5yrs are longer
  1. go to this blog check out the giveaway its for anyone http://tashasc30.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html#5062768440580254220
  2. Hi, Im back! I hadnt been here for a while. after I had my baby I just totally took me a long long break from crocheting. and my baby is now 5 months and doing great! so now im having withdraws from crocheting so im coming back to work!hehehe!! visit my blog if you like http://tashasc30.blogspot.com/ and im now now working on a doll dress as soons its done i will have it posted thanks for reading,tasha
  3. thats beautiful! Im having a little boy In march ! im so excited!
  4. Im looking for a pattern a easy crochet poncho the one you dont have to sew on are a granny poncho? thanks tasha
  5. those are pretty:cheer i wish i could crochet with thread!
  6. Im having a baby in march and was wanting see if I can get a pattern of the bunny slippers? I figured out how to make the slippers but i can figure out how to make the ears please please help:cheer thanks, Tasha
  7. whats a good size for a granny baby afghan?
  8. i make alot of baby sets,im making some now for the hospital:cheer
  9. I can tested it for ya thanks tasha email address is crochetchick28@yahoo.com
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