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  1. I am looking for a book that will show me how to do pictures by crocheting I saw pictures on Facebook made my Beata Bylinka and to date haven't found anything anywhere so I can give it a try. Is there a website that I can go on or maybe a "book" that I can purchase to learn how to do it.
  2. Looking for a cat square pattern. I want to make a blanket/afghan as I love cats. I do not care for the patterns that make a circular pattern and put ears on it. I saw a pattern on Facebook but the person who did the pattern has never responded to me. I am willing to also pay for the pattern. If anyone has any crochet cat patterns can you email me. Thank you....
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I'm going to give each reply a try out and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Mary
  4. I would like a simple pattern to follow so that I can use up my left over yarn. I have tried numerous patterns but they just didn't seem to work. If I could have one that shows you how to do it in a picture then I might be able to complete it. It does a few rows and then I'm on my own and that is where I get lost. Reading a pattern and following a pattern sometimes confuses me. If I had a detail picture showing me how the increases occur it might just work. Any help would be appreciated.:
  5. Mary838

    rosary lapghan

    Is this pattern off a website. I think I might want to try it? Would you be able to send it to me. I love filet crochet. Thank you....Mary
  6. I received email about a "Plaid Afghan Pattern Book" and I wanted to purchase it but I deleted it by mistake. The book is a little over $11.00. Can anyone help me on this. I want to purchase the book and I thought I saw it on Karp Styles but I could be wrong. It's a crochet book and you filet the blanket and then string the thread through the holes to make a "plaid" effect.
  7. I do have the pattern but it is not complete and I can't see all the pattern as the person who gave it to me enlarged it to much. It's a Beanie hat for a small child with a head size of 16 inches.....it is done with all different colours and has bobbles on it. Would anyone know where I can get a pattern to make one. It says you use "small amounts of left over yarn" to make the hat and that why it's so multi colour. Any help would be appreciated. Mary
  8. Thank you for your replies. It said "Daisy Afghan"....and I think she cut the pattern out of a newspaper, years and years ago. Any pattern that you can pass on to me I'll check to see if it is what I'm looking for. I'm still searching on the internet and if I find it I will pass it on to everyone. Mary
  9. :thinkI'm looking for an old daisy afghan pattern. The square is 2" square and it's done with fine cotton. It might just have about six rows for the pattern and you join to another square. I asked the lady if I could make a copy of it and enlarge it and she refused. I just love the pattern and if anyone out there would have any daisy patterns that I can look at I would really appreciate it. The first row is just make a circle. Second row is the daisy....about six clusters to make the flower....then it looks like the next two rows are just to make sure it comes out into a square. I was very disappointed that this lady wouldn't let me make a copy as it looked like it came out of a newspaper years ago. Any help would be appreciated. I love crocheting with fine cotton and it would make a beautiful bedspread or tablelcoth.
  10. I'm looking for a crochet pattern. I saw it in the Mary Maxim book and it was green and pink. You make a square and you put the ruffles around the square. You sew all the squares together and you have that ruffled look on the blanket. This is mostly done with material but I would like some type of pattern to crochet one for my daughter. Does anyone know of a pattern that I could use. I would really appreciate any help you can send my way as I don't sew and it would be too costly to have someone do it for me. Mary
  11. Thank you for the links. I just picked a square pattern in filet crochet.......and went from there. To get the curtain to fit I just kept adding the squares until I got the desired length and the width was about three times the window size. For shower curtains I just checked the size of shower curtains in the store and made a pair that size. I think they are about 72 x 90....but I could be wrong. I don't have pictures because I don't have a camera. I guess it's time to invest in one. I should do that some time in the near future when my computer friend tells me what kind of camera to buy (inexpensive one, at least). I'm not a picture person and I don't like to take pictures.
  12. I forgot to mention that when I did the curtains in the crochet cotton I used the white and also the ecru. I alternated the squares....then to join them I used the shell stitich....which is "three double crochets, chain 3, three double crochets".....When I joined the squares, I would get the two squares and start at the corner, do the three double crochets, then chain two, then go into the corner of the other square, then chain two, and back to the first square (corners are always five chains in the shell stitch). The last row of the first square should have the shell stitch all the way around so you can add the other squares as you go along. This is just a little bit of how I do my curtains.....
  13. I have made curtains for my own use and have found that the #10 crochet cotton would be the best. I normally would do the filet stitch as you can just keep adding squares. I also did a set for my daughters bathroom. 70" x 90".....two panels and she has so many comments on them. I recently updated a pair of curtains that I had in my porch/verandah and they came out just beautifully. I wouldn't recommend using yarn, as it too heavy. Good luck on your probject.!
  14. :clapHi Tracey Thank you so much for taking the time to find this pattern for me. I just love it and it is exactly what I was looking for. Now those left over balls of yarn will all be used up to make an afghan for myself. I would like to also thank everyone else who responded to my request. Much appreciated.:cheer:yes
  15. :(I checked out the website you sent me and it is not the pattern I was looking for. The pattern called for double crochet stitches. I'm hoping I can find this pattern soon as I'm anxious to get started on it. I'll have to borrow her afghan and figure it out but I did try it out before and it didn't work for me.
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