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    Okotoks, Canada
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    Knitting, Crochet, sewing, playing with my kids, chatting with my friends over a nice cup of java
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    Stay at Home Mommy of 2 mostly (lol) wonderful kids
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    Dresses for my daughter, toys for my kids and all the kids in my life, and in the winter I make tons of beanies for my family members.
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    Since 2002
  1. Now you just need Phineus and Ferb!!!!
  2. Lubba_my_kiddos

    My kitties!

    My mil made my kids the 3 Little Kittens and they look identical to these 3! Hers were knitted. I crocheted a Momma Kitty for the kittens and my daughter STILL plays with them (she got them at 3 years old and she's almost 7 now!). Great Job!
  3. There are 38 rounds in the blanket that I made (I started with 5 rounds in the middle, then changed my colors every 3 after that) I didn't really do a border but I suppose that you could add a frilly border for a girl (dc, ch1, dc, in each stitch around maybe?) or a solid border for a little boy. The finished measurement of mine is 42" but a bit bigger would have been nice. My little man used this blankie all the time and it now lives in the front hall on my rocking chair.
  4. My back door going onto my deck has a metal step type thing (I know I'm so technical) and it gets super hot. My kids are running in and out all day and I was just wondering how you all would make a cover. I'd like it to not move so the kids can step on it without it slipping around (maybe magnets?) and I'll be making it out of cotton yarn so it'll be a double duty thing when the kids play in the pool. How would you go about making one?
  5. I used sport weight bernat. I needed to use a heavier yarn as she wears her dresses more in the winter time (she's a nut) so it needed to be warmer. I bought a 1 pound ball and I still had quite a bit left over after making the dress.
  6. Sammy's preschool was going on a pumpkin hunt and I thought a fancy pumpkin hat was in order. It didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it but he likes it and that's all that matters!
  7. Have you looked at Crochet Pattern Central? They have tons of free patterns.
  8. I like Granny Squares. You can dress em up or make them simple and they look good either way!!
  9. Sadly my I will for November is yet again Sammy's Cardigan! I'm kind of stuck on the saw tooth edging.
  10. I get Crochet, Crochet Today, & Interweave Crochet
  11. There are a couple patterns on Etsy and I have seen a free pattern on here in the Original Pattern Section. I belive they are called crazy cars
  12. I have looked and looked for a nice little boys sweater and after having no success I found a super awesome knit pattern on Knitty.
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