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    SAHM, self-taught crochet, re-learning knitting. 2 girls, 8 and 14, one hubby, 2 cats, OLD house.
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    Barre, Massachusetts
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    Hats, scarves, socks, some 'ghans and other odds n' ends
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  1. Do you have a picture? Or a pic of something similar? I cannot picture in my head what it should look like, heh.
  2. Nilliem

    Guage Help

    I completely understand - I've had my brain miss one small part of many patterns....and you know the resulting frogging was accompanied by much under-the-breath cussing! Here's to the first swatch making gauge!!
  3. Nilliem

    Guage Help

    It says in pattern, so you'd need to crochet the beginning following the pattern. I'd use the 'K' recommended first, and go up (or down) if you need to adjust. Since its in the round, it may take several rows to get a swatch big enough but it should be pretty straight forward from there.
  4. Nilliem

    Cuffs and Bands

    Well, usually I wash them and they go back to shape. But, running narrow elastic through the band can work. So can working really thin elastic with the yarn on the rows for the band, if you do it while you work. Ribbing in crochet tends to be done in short rows of blo, then starting the piece perpendicular to the rib rows (I've attached a pic, I'm not the best description writer, heh.) I'd try washing them first. I ran into the same problem with my daughter's socks. I have to find some elastic to wind through so they stay on her feet. She chose the yarn, or I'd so re-do 'em!
  5. If you are carrying it just a few stitches, that is fine, but more than 4 might be a bit much. There is a way to catch the yarn if you do need to carry it longer. Check out YouTube for a tutorial...I know how to do it, but its been a long time and I doubt I'd be able to explain it clearly.
  6. Nance, the chain 2, that is between the two sets of dc? That is your chain space. Chain space usually means the space created by a chain in the previous row. Don't get too freaked out!! You'll do fine. Think of this as a learning process. Trust me, I learned much by my mistakes; I'm still ripping things out multiple times on new patterns. Keep going and keep asking! That's what the 'ville is for!
  7. Is it acrylic or wool? It resembles some Patons SWS, which has been discontinued. I know the colors aren't the same, but there is another pink, softer shades, which I don't see with the purple-ish shade in yours. eta: or is the second one closer?
  8. I usually start with an even number of stitches, 10 sounds about right. The next round is 2 stitches into each of the original 10. Next round is 1 stitch, then 2 stitches, 4th row is 2 single stitches, then 1 double. And so on for each row... Does this sound like what you are doing, for your increases?
  9. Yep, that's it exactly.
  10. I'm always too warm if I wear a coat. Layers are my friends, heh. I have a triangle granny shawl...wait, two of them! One is larger, and multi-colored, of acrylic with some funfur for texture. I can wear that over just a shirt and be quite comfortable. Its basically half of a granny square. The other is the same shape and stitch, but made of Plymouth Boku, in a purple/mauve/green/blue colorway. Its smaller, so I'll wear it on less cold days, and if necessary, over a sweater. I use a stick of some sort to hold it on; DPN's work well, if they aren't metal. I find it much easier in the car, too. Less bulk, and on/off is sooo much less fiddling.
  11. Ok, if I'm reading this right, you dcfp, until you reach the turning chain of that row, then you sc in the back loop of the top chain, of the turning chain. Does that clarify?
  12. They are lovely! I know you said a year, but did you enjoy the making? I've found the pattern I have, I enjoy making the socks, which is why I have now made 2 pair of socks, and have #3 on the needles (sz 0..oy). Its a very plain-Jane pattern, I just think the texture might not be comfortable/get in the way of my shoes. Basic for me, heh. BUT! There will be, someday, that pattern that refuses to be ignored. And I may cave. Next!! :-)
  13. Nilliem

    Live chain

    Magic circle is pretty easy, once you get the hang of holding it for the first stitches/chains. You start to make a slip knot, but instead of pulling the knot tight, stick your finger in the knot loop and use the pulled loop to start chaining. It makes a very tight, closed circle center. Excellent for hats. Find a video and you'll have it quickly, I'm sure. Just another technique in a crocheter's arsenal. Can't wait to see the pictures!
  14. Nilliem

    Crocheting sleeves

    I have been trying to let them have it a bit more for free time (schoolwork is of course a given) because I know I get more crochet done, but I like to crochet and read! :-)
  15. Nilliem

    Live chain

    I found the pattern, but I've never heard it described that way, and its pretty easy. Just as it says, chain 2, then put 7 sc in the second chain from the hook. If you've used it, a magic circle would work as well. I won't try to describe it and totally confuse you, but google it, and you'll find it.
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