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  1. pinsandneedles

    Someone STOLE my crochet at the fair!

    You know, I've always been discouraged from entering things at the fair for this very reason. And the signs always say "don't touch", but you see greasy fried-Oreo fingers always feeling up those afghans. I'm glad you aren't discouraged, though, and will enter again next year. You could try putting a lost and found ad on Craigslist explaining what happened and ask if anyone saw anything suspicious, or just offer a small reward for the bag...no questions asked...just to get it back. In any case, whenever somebody takes something from us, the Lord always gives it back twicefold (in time). Sorry for your loss!
  2. pinsandneedles

    African flower hexagons

    Love your African Flowers! I really love the green and yellow and white one...perfect for Christmas!!
  3. pinsandneedles

    Muffin Funmigurumi Dog

    Your patterns are all adorable!
  4. pinsandneedles

    Girl's Color Block Skirt

    Glad you like it!
  5. pinsandneedles

    T-Yarn Flower Baby Bib

    Cute !!
  6. pinsandneedles

    Stars 'n Stripes Wheelchair Tote Bag

    Love it !!
  7. pinsandneedles

    Baxter, Funmigurumi Dog

    So cute !!
  8. pinsandneedles

    Three Flakes

    Nice !!
  9. pinsandneedles

    Pig In the City Amigurumi

    That is SO cute !!!
  10. pinsandneedles

    Butterfly Pattern for Charity

    Great butterfly !!
  11. pinsandneedles

    Hershey kiss hats for baby

    You can try making this one http://fixergirl.blogspot.com/2010/01/pattern-firefly-hat.html without the earflaps...use a smaller hook and baby yarn. I can try to design a baby kiss hat if I find time.
  12. pinsandneedles

    Mindless relaxing patterns?

    Although I haven't tried it yet, I've set aside the Tunisian Bricks afghan on the Happy Hooker's Blog for such "mindless" days. The afghan is beautiful and it looks simple enough. Just strips of tunisian crochet sewn together. I tried to find the link for the pattern, but when I googled Happy Hooker's Blog all kinds of crazee things unfit for my old eyes came up. If you don't know how to do Tunisian crochet, work the strips in single crochet instead.
  13. pinsandneedles

    Ugly Snowflake

    Hey, that's not ugly !! Great job !
  14. pinsandneedles

    18" Doll Blanket

    Thanks !!
  15. pinsandneedles

    18" Doll Blanket