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  1. It's cute! Not warm scarf... but maybe with a very simple dress or something... At least you are trying new things. I give you a lot of credit. eta: How about a wall decoration for the spring?
  2. Welcome; I'm new too. Looking forward to getting to know you! Congratulations on your little one. I sometimes wish mine were that small again.
  3. I am new, but your story was very touching and I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like a wonderful group of friends here got together to make it a little more comfortable during the last months. You have my condolences.
  4. I have a few afghans in storage I would be happy to send along. Can you PM the address as well? Also, it is okay that these are not from a pet-free home? Smoke-free, yes, but I can guarantee there are a few cat furs that I have tried to find that make it through the crotching process... They are being stored in plastic quilt-bags so they ARE dust free. They are adult-blanket-sized, not children's, but I am sure someone could use them. What's the point if they stay for another several years in storage?? ETA: Even though they are bigger than childrens' typical afghans, they can be doubled up if they are cold... right? You still think worth sending?
  5. Hello, I'm new too. Everyone here seems very friendly so far and eager to help.
  6. Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate the link to ETSY.com, and I bought one legitimately there. I cannot WAIT! I appreciate the time you guys took to answer my questions. I'll have to post a picture when I am done. ETA, for those who are curious I bought the Sanrio Hello Kitty Crochet Goods book, with the picture of HK on a crocheted pink totebag. I cannot WAIT to get started
  7. Oooh that's beautiful. I can picture that on a bed over nice simple burgandy sheets or something, so the colors pop through the holes in the pattern... Nice!
  8. Very cute and decorative. It looks as if you made it specifically for that table! Good solution...
  9. REALLY??? What a coincidence! Where about? I'm in walking distance of the high school and police station.
  10. Very cute!! My daughter loves Dora, and she ooohhhed and ahhhed over the picture.
  11. Hello, I came here looking for advice on Hello Kitty patterns, and I got the information I needed. :-) This looks like an interesting board, so I think I'll stick around for a bit. I'm 30 years old, and I work part-time in Hartford, CT as a paralegal. I have two children, Joshua 3, and Katherine (Katie), 2. My husband is Ryan, and we'll be married five years next Friday. I live in Manchester, CT. Hello to you all! I took a small break from crocheting when my kids were infants (they are only 13 months apart), but now that they are older, I think I'm ready to start again. I'm mostly an afghan girl, but I've made a couple sweaters, scarves, hats and a vest. I'm not that fantastic at keep the gauge accurate, so I suppose that's why I do afghans, because it doesn't matter as much. I worked full time and went to college at night, where (some) of the teachers would let me crochet squares in class... It'd help me concentrate. Thank goodness I was a commuter student, so I wouldn't have to hear about it in my dorm... I can't imagine what everyone else thought. lol Anyway, that's me. I tend to do more projects when the weather turns cold, and I look forward to seeing what others are working on and getting to know some fellow crocheters. Take care.
  12. Thank you very much for the link!! :-) I guess I'll have to suck it up and pay. ;-) It'll be worth it if the patterns are accurate. Thank you very much!
  13. Hello! My name is Laura, and I'm new. I came here specifically looking for Hello Kitty patterns. Afghans, dolls, etc. My 2 year old Katie is obsessed (to put it mildly) with HK. There was one pattern book on eBay, but it was very expensive. I just bought for $5 a pattern, but I thought I'd see here if anyone has any suggestions. I saw a few from people that made up their own, but it seems very hit or miss. The closer it is to the "real" Hello Kitty face, the better. Trying to think of something for Kate for Christmas. Thank you all! The pattern could be easy or complicated; I'll figure it out!! TIA
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