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  1. That's a really nice looking tote. Cables always dress anything up and I like the spacing on yours. You did a really good job on the suede bottom, the stitches look very even. And with the suede bottom you can just toss it down without worrying about the bottom wearing out before the rest of the purse. Really nice job. ~ Deb
  2. Wow. You're not only talented but prolific. Each one is beautiful in its own right. ~ Deb
  3. That is really pretty. Looks like you paid attention in class. ~ Deb
  4. You've come to the right place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about crochet. Lots of great people, lots of help, and wonderful free patterns and ideas. ~ Deb
  5. Way to go. Is this one of those items that you can say "Enjoy it cause it's one of a kind?" I have done several things like that. You did a really good job and he should be suitably impressed. ~ Deb
  6. That is absolutely adorable. The pattern is so cute, you picked a really great color combo, and your stitches are great. Plus I just noticed what looks like little beads peaking out in the bodice. A really great dress! ~ Deb
  7. I bought my wool yarn at JoAnn's to make the helmet liners and they were machine washable. I made them in men's and women's sizes and they really loved them as it was quite cold in Kosovo over the winter. Another good item is fingerless gloves. Their office wasn't very well heated and I made quite a few of these (in camo of course) and again made them in men's and women's sizes and told my son to hand them out as he saw fit. My suggestion is to try your best to make stuff out of washable yarns. I even modified the neck cooler pattern to be 2 pieces (inside tube with crystals and outside cover) so it could be washed. Good luck! ~ Deb
  8. You're obviously one of 'those' people. You know the kind that are both artistic and talented. You made such a cute display for that heart, you're the kind of person that I have to get my ideas from. If this is what you're doing at the beginning of your crocheting, you are going to make some really beautiful stuff as you learn. ~ Deb
  9. Your nephew will love this! Those blankets are so cool to look at. I made one for my grandson but I think his dad likes it better than he does. The dad still has his Spiderman sheets from when he was a kid. Good luck keeping it a secret until Christmas. ~ Deb
  10. I love all the cables and the red color. You did a great job.! I hope it gets real cold where you live so you'll have lots of chances to cuddle up in this. ~ Deb
  11. Thanks for sharing! Making hats is a very quick reward but it can get boring if there aren't any new variations. Thanks again. ~ Deb
  12. Put it away for a week or two and then when you get it out you'll love it. That always happens to me. I'm wearing a blouse I made last week and everybody is telling me they love it but I'm not so sure. In a couple more weeks I'm sure I'll like it. So . . . your bag is very cute! I like the size, color, and the strap. We all like it, you will too when a little time has passed. ~ Deb
  13. Welcome from Missouri. I knit, crochet and sew. People are always asking which I like best but that's impossible to answer. They are all different to me and I love when I can combine them. You'll find lots of friendly people here with TONS of great hints and help. I've learned so much since I joined this group. ~ Deb
  14. You did a great job making up that border. It does take from the heaviness of the basketweave. Very pretty blanket. ~ Deb
  15. Sure, I made some for myself when I lost my hair. Since I had to wear them inside I didn't want them made out of worsted weight cause I thought it would get too hot. Sport weight turned out to be just right. ~ Deb
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