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    origanlyy kintter but switched to crochting..love to make ami..have 10mont old baby..he loves amis..
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    love to Crochet..my new passion
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    Stay home MOM
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    making ami..
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    For 1month..
  1. i just adore those dolls.....cant wait for the pattern....hehe
  2. sooooooo.cute would.be.perfect.for.easter basket!
  3. Thank.you sooooooooo.much.The Crochet fanatic..thank.you.i.didnt.it..did.either.thank.you.so.much..
  4. thank..you..all..for..chaking..him.out!!!
  5. This..little..guy.just came to me..one day since emos are so pop i.thought.i.would share myne Plz let me know how he turned out! Thank.you.guys.for..looking:cheer
  6. it looks soo cool..i too wish i had time to make it..it would save soo many plasticbags...
  7. she does...!! i will make one more in white..and will give out the pattern to test...i found one tester allready..
  8. really i think she looks nothing like hers....i have seen her shop before..and i have avoided that look and all..and this is my own pattern.... i made from scrach... Thank you for looking tho..
  9. This little Baby is A cute little girly girl…. Her mother always told her girls cant be fighter Well she proved everyone wrong Ever her snooty little brother..who became ninja Now she is one..and she even passed her first mission was to steal diemand pendent (pendent is not included) She is 5” in length. She is a toy and safe for all age of kids and adult to play with. She is soft and cuddly She will come with her own sord…yet to make!! if i ever want to test her out would any one be interasted???
  10. that looks soo hard too but...cool
  11. salonims

    Honey Cat...ami..

    thank you everyone.....
  12. salonims

    Baby Surri...

    lol...thank u june...she is avilable in shop...
  13. salonims

    Baby Surri...

    Hi everyone Meat baby Surri... she is a little priencess..who love to go out and play with butterfly and look for birds....as well as climb trees... she is just like baby AAshi..but she is pink and with differnt ears..and nose... tell me wht u think of her LADIS!!! Thank you for looking....SHe is my OWN pattern...... Saloni~
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