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  1. Hi- I'm looking for an oval shaped bowl or basket pattern for easter. I'd really appreciate your help. Farrah
  2. LOL...sometimes what we see clearly is foggy for others and vice versa...oh...and I meant that my hair really is blonde...=)
  3. Thanks you sooo much for your help and patience...some days I'm blonde...well, I am blonde every day...but some days I act it. LOL
  4. Oh...oh...I think I get it now....*see lightbulb turning on* I'm going AROUND the first 8...so I won't have that little hole in the top that I usually do.
  5. Hi- I've been sooo busy lately that I have been MIA...and now, I'm trying to get back into making the time to crochet stuff for Xmas. Awhile back, I bought the Gourmet Crochet Elf pattern and it starts with: OK...what does this mean? I am lost at the point of "working on opposite side of starting ch" and don't get the "do not join" part. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it! =) TIA, Farrah
  6. farrahj

    Why I don't do ami's

    I think he's just the cutest!!!! Don't give up =)
  7. farrahj

    My first ami!!!

    your first??? WOW...it looks great! =)
  8. Hi- I live in the south eastern part of Aurora...Anyone near by? Farrah
  9. I'm pretty new too...but what I do is for one round, I mark my spot with a safety pin and then I know that until I get back to the safety pin, I do the pattern for that particular round and don't have to count how many times I do that pattern. For the rows, I use a sticky note on the pattern to mark which row I'm on and if it says, for example "8-15 sc each st around", then I make hash marks on the sticky note.
  10. so, I found a pattern that I think I'll do instead. Has anyone tried it? Is it on the easy side? I don't know the hdc, but I'm sure it's on my CD tutorial. http://www.crochetme.com/Feb_Mar_2005/patt_ruffle_hat.html
  11. I'm newish to crochet =) So, I have a basic single chain beanie style hat pattern and I'd like to add a little ruffle type of brim around...can't be too difficult, right? If it's a simple addition, please help. I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to make a hat the little girl that my friend just adopted from China. I don't think she has many girly-type things...so I wanted to make the simple hat a little more girly. (she's about 1 yr. old). TIA, Farrah
  12. Thank you all for your thoughts and help. I'm off to ETSY to check on home dyed ones =) Farrah
  13. I have the "confetti"...which is the sensations boucle'...it might do the trick for what I want...it's just that it isn't the pink and green and it is "nubbly", but not as "fuzzy"
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