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  1. Melindawitchy

    Found.....Pattern Testers for Crochet Wrap/Shawl

    Great. Message me your email address and I'll send it over.
  2. Melindawitchy

    2014 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas - Delivered!

    Have you considered making a facebook page for this? I'd love to spread it around to others on my facebook. I'm in. Thank you for doing what you do!
  3. Melindawitchy

    Found.....Pattern Testers for Crochet Wrap/Shawl

    Thank you. Pattern sent.
  4. Melindawitchy

    Found.....Pattern Testers for Crochet Wrap/Shawl

    I used 3 skeins of Red Heart 5 oz Super Tweed in Blue Bayou
  5. Found......Thank you. pattern testers for Crochet Wrap Shawl. Intermediate level. Need it done in 1 week.
  6. I've worked up an easy cat hat pattern and I need 2 testers please.
  7. Melindawitchy

    12 Months of Awareness

    I went to ravelry and when I tried to click the names for more details I got an error.
  8. Melindawitchy

    Fat Bottom Bags, you make the rockin' world go round

    ooooh noooo, not that song. lol
  9. is this it http://www.maggiescrochet.com/topsy-turvy-doll-pattern-p-673.html
  10. This is a great opportunity to teach her about the differences between mass produced by sweatshop workers for very little pay and fair trade or artisan items.
  11. Melindawitchy

    Do you tie knots?

    Agree. I have had items made by others that knot and cut but did not weave and they knots came undone. Also the square knot is not a good knot. The overhand knot with both threads is a more secure and smaller knot.
  12. I have got to try this. Your seam looks great! I hate the way my seams always job off to the right.
  13. Melindawitchy

    making a pdf

    Word 7 and newer has a pdf converter. If you have it, paste your document into a word page, click the button on the top left, choose save as, then click pdf. Easy peasy