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    Fredrikstad, Norway
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    Crocheting, knitting, my daughter and of course my husband =0)
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    Hats and dresses
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    Since 2003
  1. Here`s my contribution to the world of blogs www.frupoghverdagen.blogspot.com
  2. Fru P

    Just wanted...

    My blog`s updated today
  3. Fru P

    Just wanted...

    in my blog:welcome
  4. to let you know that I`ve gotten myself a blog now; and you`re more than welcome to have a look... (It`s mainly in norwegian, but I try to translate the best I can) And do leave a comment if you feel like it
  5. A warm welcome to you from another new citizen:hug (You`ve got the same history as me when it comes to crocheting, no more cigarettes for me either ; congratulations )
  6. I`ve just entered the world of crocheting on www, but I`ve been crocheting for a few years now. I had to find something to do when I quit smoking, and this was my rescue =0) I also knit a lot, and I don`t seem to have enough hours to fulfill all of my plans... Sounds familiar anyone ?! About me: * I live in Norway * 30 years old, but I still call my mom when I need help regarding crocheting and knitting * 1 daughter and 2 cats (who loves ) , and a husband * I hope to get to know other crocheting-fans in here, so that we can swap ideas and support each other when everything seems hopeless...
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