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    afghans and I love making baby clothes
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    my mother taught me as a child, but I rediscovered it in about 1983
  1. Hi! I have this afghan in progress for my daughter and I made the snowflakes out of a bright pink and the background is a light olive green...sounds bizarre, but wow....really pretty. If I can hunt it out I will post a photo of it.
  2. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. It will be so much fun to make one of these tops for my daughter. I hope to get started asap. Thanks again!
  3. I was recently in a shop where there was a cute little sweater/jacket for an infant and it was a very gentle ripple pattern. It had a contrast colour stitched all around the bottom hem and sleeve and neck edges. Has anyone here seen a pattern like this? Thanks
  4. Wow Sherryzzz! That lace dress is beautiful! Thanks so much for the site. I really appreciate your help.
  5. Thanks Empress Busy Bee! I shall check out those sites and keep checking the bookstores too. Thanks for your help.
  6. My daughter is away in university and she said she saw a lovely top that had short cap sleeves and an empire waist and buttoned up front in an open mesh or lacey pattern all over in a boutique in Toronto. She said it cost $120.....I would love to try and make her one. I have looked for such a pattern and can't find anything like it. Does anyone here know of one? My daughter would like to have it made with a fine mohair wool to wear over a camisole or tank top or tee shirt. I think it is called a baby-doll top...but not sure about that. Thanks for any help in finding a pattern.
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