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  1. I'm just curious to know if anyone knows of any patterns for a very large purse. i love large satchel type bags, or really any oversized purse. anyone know of any? i've searched through ravelry, but haven't found anything quite right...
  2. There used to be a pattern posted on blogger for a kitty hat that was made using three strands together, and i believe it had earflaps with braids attached. my bookmark to it is sending me to an empty blog, i was just wondering if anyone had that pattern...
  3. these are my favorites. they're cuffed at the top and bottom, i think they look better than the others. http://www.******/crochet/legwar.html
  4. that helped alot. i guess i was just having a hard time visualizing everything. one down, one to go! thanks again!
  5. i really appreciate it. this is for a gift swap my myspace group is doing, and my buddy wanted socks, i just haven't been up to the challenge of learning socks, not to mention i don't know anything about her shoe/foot size. i guess i thought these would be easier...
  6. maybe its just me, i guess i'm not quite an "advanced" beginner... but i cannot figure this pattern out. they just explain things in such a complicated way! i made it to the part that says "heel flap" and i can't seem to work it out. i marked my concerns in red. can anyone help? thanks in advance!
  7. hey thanks for all the warm welcomes guys. i haven't done much today, i got all caught up logging my stash into ravelry today. i still need to take pics of everything, including my WIPs. i'll do a few rows on my hoodie before bed tonight...
  8. i worked on my hoodie and my wrap last night. the wrap is going to take a million years, it's about 7-8 feet long, and i decided to work it longways....what was i thinking?
  9. hey, i know i'm a little late, but i wouldn't mind joining you ladies on this. i couple of weeks ago i started a hooded sweatshirt pattern from bernat.com, and i've lost my drive to work on it...even though it's getting cooler all the time! i'm using patons shetland chunky in earthy. i made the kid's version for my goddaughter, and it turned out soooo cute! i HAD to make my own!
  10. skine rhymes with line. skeen rhymes with mean.
  11. i got stuck at 83. but that's still almost 3 per day. the cold(er) weather snuck up on us down here, and i've been more inclined to work on a couple of wearables. oh well, it was fun anyway guys!
  12. wow, looks like my poll was completely bunk. but i've never heard anyone call it a SKANE, so that's why it's not an option on the poll. it seems i forgot that last little bit of the i before e rhyme (neighbor and weigh). thanks for the opinions guys. i was just curious, and i thought it would be fun to see what was most popular.
  13. ok ladies (and gentlemen)... i've been wondering. do you guys say skINE.......or.........skEEN? i've got a little german background, so i took german in high school. and i've always said skein with an "eye" sound, because in german, ei=I and ie=E. but i was wandering though the yarn section of jo-ann the other day, and i heard this woman saying she would need about 4 skeens. i just thought it sounded a little funny. so how do you pronounce skein, and perhaps why?
  14. i've fallen way behind. haven't done any squares in the past 3 days. busy busy busy. i'm working two jobs now, and i had a lot of visitors coming through the house this past weekend.
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