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    38 year old mother and wife, loves to crochet and make hand made soap
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    Pittsgrove, New Jersey
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    crochet, soap making
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    OB/GYN med office
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    I love to crochet hats!
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    12 years
  1. What an awesome hat! I love the color you choose and I love the shell stitch it gives the hat a nice texture to it. Way to go! I sent you an email.
  2. What a very pretty ensemble. I love all the embellishments you added to these pieces.
  3. yarnicopia


    ok that is so pretty I love all the curves an how it lays on your neck. I must admit I had to look up the word "Cravat" on dictionary.com and for others who didn't know what that word meant here is what I found: cra·vat (kr-vt) Pronunciation Key n. A scarf or band of fabric worn around the neck as a tie. [French cravate, necktie worn by Croatian mercenaries in the service of France, from Cravate, a Croatian, from German dialectal Krabate, from Serbo-Croatian Hrvt.] Thanks for sharing. I learned something new today. Did you follow a pattern or did you make it up as you went along? I am never amazed at what different types of crochet stuff I always see when I come here. Kudos to you! edited to add: i just this read this months issue of crochet me and now I see the entire article on the crochet cravat. excuse me while I have an "AH-HA MOMENT"
  4. I just love beanie caps! Your stitching looks awesome. Nice and tight! I wish my teenage daughters would wear my beanies I only have about 65 of them laying around..LOL
  5. yarnicopia

    My boa :)

    That is a very pretty color you used. Nice job!
  6. I am so glad I just found this post about the pedicure socks. I have spent the better part of today searching the net for a crocheted version of these. I sooooo want a pair for myself. I started one while I was waiting for my husband to get out of physical therapy but I need to frog them and start with a different yarn. I am working with a self striping yarn and it's hurting my eyes while I am trying to count the stitches. I'd be interested to see what anyone else comes up with. I'll post pictures of my progress. I was on my way into this forum to post the very same question. Glad I popped by. Thanks samhlock for beating me to it. Roseann
  7. These socks look fantastic! they remind me of those Uggs boots...all they would need is that white fluffy fuzzy yarn around the top! KUDOS to you! Roseann
  8. I'd certainly be interested in your revisions if you wouldn't mind. I have a brand new niece this would be so cute on. Great work...I love the contrast color of the trim you put on the hat. Ro-
  9. WOW these are very pretty. I especially love the vibrant colors in the second picture. I must bust out the 10 million packs of kool aid that I bought quite some time ago! Ro-
  10. 1)You can use it as a contrasting color to add a fancy brim to a hat. 2) Make a small baby hat 3) cell phone cozy (as previously mentioned) Ro-
  11. that poncho has such a pretty stitch Juanita! Nice job and the caron simply soft probably feels great too!! Thanks for sharing the pic and the link. Ro-
  12. Ouhhh goodie let me know how it goes...take pictures! I never thought of the different blends of teas that may produce suble different colors....thanks for the good info. Ro-
  13. Ya know it's funny that you should mention this because the other day I was thinking of doing the same thing but with tea instead of coffee. I have a ton of fishermans wool and I could tea stain a varigated hank or two I am sure. Maybe let some of the yarn soak in it a little longer than other parts. My first thought was that this would look really old and vintagy. I'll try it if you do...lol Ro-
  14. Dot..I just love the new style of this poncho. I can envision it like this..... maybe a smaller hook....I like the idea of a tight stitch for a man's poncho...maybe done in some warm, rich, earthtone colors.....some brighter earthtone colors for the striping....like a burnt orange...etc...you get the idea and then maybe you could switch up the striping rows by doing some in sc...for a thin line effect and other rows in hdc to offset the thin lines....the neckline....how bout a v-neck?? Men wear v-necks don't they? For the fringe...I say keep it. I think secretly inside every man he know's he just loves fringe! Who doesn't love fringe? :cheer2 Can you tell I am a fringe lover....I KNOW my husband loves it....whenever he is modelling my shawls for picture taking...he likes to spin just once around and watch the fringe shimmy.....he would kill me if he knew I just said that :mad Anywho...can you tell I got all excited to see your newest creation? I can't wait to see what else you can come up with. Good Luck....may the force be with you! LMAO Ro-
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