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    Looking for

    No free patterns for that one...but here is a amigurumi one that is adorable♥ http://planetjune.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_12&products_id=160
  2. Here is a free graph of the entire alphabet with numbers....hope it helps http://www.crochetkim.com/bitmaps/allalphabet.html
  3. Bitty Twins is a trademark /copyright so you will not be able to find patterns listed as such for crochet..but you can get patterns for 15 inch dolls \ Try Crochet Pattern Central its a great site for doll patterns ♥ and Best Wishes in your search!
  4. Drops Designs has lots of skirts to choose from here is linky http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=4146〈=us
  5. :thinkDid you try ebay? I find lots of vintage books on there...Good Luck
  6. Congratulations it came out terrific!
  7. :)Do you have a pic or name of pattern or author?
  8. Red67

    Helmet Bag

    Hi...here is one in the shape of a very large pumpkin that i think would fit the Helmet quite well...you can improvise colors and size on this one...scroll down page in linky for pattern http://libiloucreations.blogspot.com/
  9. Red67


    Thank You ...i will have to check out why i cant seem to open the site...
  10. Red67


    Crochet Pattern Central link has been down? any news on this or is it our weather here....
  11. Red67

    Quilted purse

    :clapThe color and bag look great!
  12. I never heard of this movie and it looks interesting thanks for posting it...♥ The sweater appears to be vintage..some cluster stitches? and crochet flowers to add...Also...a while back i saw a poncho in a movie..i sent a email to the producers of the movie inquiry if i could purchase they pattern (due to copyright issues) and they answered my email with info..i was delighted...give it a try♥) Here are some idea linkys...Best Wishes... http://www.crochetme.com/media/p/89634.aspx http://www.naturallycaron.com/projects/turnberry/turnberry_1.html http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/aruna/aruna.html
  13. This is a VERY simple and beginner table runner that i use in my Crochet Classes...it is quick and almost any color of cotton yarn can be used... Best wishes♥ http://jeris-swanhorst.suite101.com/free-crochet-table-runner-pattern-a187355
  14. Priscilla Hewitt had a pattern that is worked in entirety..its beautiful..you can go to her website i still think shes active and purchase the pattern scroll down to Afghan Assortment and hit the link to look at the pattern its a beauty!♥ http://www.priscillascrochet.net/buypatterns.html
  15. :hookThank you for sharing.....
  16. Red67

    2 Sunhats

    Lovely colors and work...very pretty!
  17. Red67

    Footstool Cover

    that is so neat and luv the colors too!!
  18. Quick question when you say Granny stitch but not square not sure of the look you are going for...can you describe the style more or perhaps a pic? you have come across:hook
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