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  1. Has anyone ever seen a mile-a-minute afghan or baby blanket that has a ruffle around each strip? A pattern would be great but even if its just a picture that would be good too. I have looked but I can't seem to find anything.Thanks
  2. Welcome from another FarmVille addict!!!
  3. I want to give a big thank you to the wonderful Fairy Godmother from Bellevue WA, that sent me the lovely bamboo yarn, tea and sticky notes. Love it all, i was so excited when i got it. I haven't been able to buy any yarn lately, cause things have been tight here. It really made me feel great thank you again.
  4. Very nice i am sure they will love it!
  5. That is just beautiful.
  6. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. This place is always so encouraging.
  7. Dawn I used a pattern that i found on ETSY called Medium Christmas Stocking by Sally Ives but i changed the top to add the beads and yes the white is sparkly its a Lion Brand wool-ease i found at Joann's it has a sparkly thread that runs thru it. I am really liking the way it turned out. Thanks for the nice comments.
  8. Well my sister asked me to make a girlie Christmas stocking for the little girl of one of her coworkers. She cries every year because her brother has a handmade stocking and she has a store bought one. So all i have to do is put the name on. One more thing off the list of to do's.
  9. Faith you did a great job looks like it will hold lots of books! Love the colors!
  10. I would like to thank all you wonderful FGM for answering my wish for some good friends to talk to you are all great. This is the best wish i could have ever asked for. Thank you Thank you Thank you this is such a great place and everyone here has the biggest hearts!
  11. This is my favorite slouchy hat http://jaybirddesigns.blogspot.com/2008/08/august-free-pattern-retro-rings-tam.html
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