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    I am a mommy of my daughters, Ruby Claire and Emmaline Anne!
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    Arlington, TX
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    Reading, music, cross stitch, working out
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    Childcare director
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    Baby blankets and hats!
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  1. I'm giving some family members some one skein scarves and necklace/earring sets! Im putting them in the little christmas takeout containers they have at Michaels!
  2. These are adorable! I'm making one skein scarves for everyone this year. Maybe next year I'll make these!
  3. Oh my gosh the Rooster is soooooo cute as are the rest of them! If you figure out patterns let us know because I think that they are great.
  4. Oh no! I just got into crochet and bought the first one. I really like it so I can only imagine I might like the new one...
  5. Well it is very different from Crochetville in what you can do on it. I have only played on it a little but it's very neat so far.You can track all of your yarn and projects. You can also look at what other people have done with patterns or yarns. I would say worth the wait!
  6. My invitation to Ravelry!!!! I have been keeping track of where I am on the list and finally success! I can't wait to start messing around on it.
  7. Crochet Today had a simple dress pattern back in July I think. I am a new crocheter (is that even a word?) and was wondering since I can't find this magazine anymore, are there any VERY simple newbies patterns? I know you gals and guys are a great resource! My daughter wears a size 12 months.
  8. I am also wondering about sizing but that chart seems very helpful! I picked up a book this weekend with some very simple patterns so I will take it to my crochet group and try to run through it with them for help. Sonia, the lady who started our group, is super sweet so I am sure she will help. I think I will be trying to make a purple dress. Woo Hoo!
  9. How Cute!!! Where did you get the patterns?? I love them and I kind of have a thing for Yellow roses anyway!
  10. My sister thinks they turn out better as the cupcake/muffin anyway so you definitely can!
  11. I am certainly up for any suggestions ladies and gents! My daughter is in 12 month clothes right now mostly because of how long she is.
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