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  1. Wow! Thank you so much! That is really very sweet of you! I hope you will let me send you a little goodie in return for it as well. Thanks again!
  2. I have never been a huge fan of towel toppers but I LOVE that one! And I really love the towel you used too and the colors you chose are perfect for it. Where did you find a towel like that? My oldest daughter is getting ready to move out on her own and she loves dragonflies.
  3. Oh wow that's going to be so neat when you get it done. I can hardly wait to see it!
  4. I live in Ashland...a little further north than that. I don't believe I've ever heard of Ashley but I've been to Delaware before Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  5. I picked up a Life & Style magazine today and in it there's a picture of Lindsay Lohan in a long pink crocheted sweater. It's pretty open with some large shells throughout and it's very long like 'duster' style and there are gold buttons on it. I'm looking ALL over the place online to see if there's a picture online so I can post here...it's a gorgeous sweater and I'd love to know if there's a pattern out there similar to it. If I can't find a picture online, I guess I'll have to see if I can't fix my scanner and try and get a scan. Has anyone else seen it? UPDATE - I haven't got a scan yet, but I found some images on the internet. The only drawback to that is that it's a pay site so you can only see thumbnails from this page but it at least gives you some idea. http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=GLS====110774&str=&styp=&sfld=&nbc1=1&sortval=3a&PageNum=1 Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  6. I'm in Ohio, too...north of Columbus as well. It's nice to know there are so many others! Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  7. Oh cool! I like it better without the hole, too but I'm a bit too far into this first one I'm making to fix it. I do plan on making more, though so this will definitely come in handy. Thanks! Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  8. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes and outbid anyone from here so I was on a mission today to find this pattern somewhere and by george I did it! :clapLOL I searched a couple out of print book places and purchased it for 7.94!!! I found two of them at two different places...the other was 7.99 so if anyone else is interested in the other one you can find it at http://dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?y=0&tn=award+winning+afghans&x=0 Hugs! Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  9. OMG that is the most stunning afghan I have ever seen! I must find that pattern!!! Becky hazelnutlatte.com
  10. I'm so glad you got it ok and you like it. I had a lot of fun with that one because it was different than anything I've made before. I'm a little bummed that I forgot to take a picture of it for my gallery before I sent it off, but I think I will be making another like it for a gift. Enjoy!
  11. Ok when I posted last I thought I was sending mine out the next day, but I had misplaced my book with the pattern for the finishing touches. I found it later that week and then misplaced it again LOL. It's been found and the scarf finished, wrapped, boxed up and most definitely going to go out in tomorrow's mail. So recipients who haven't received their scarves yet, be on the look out!
  12. Oops sorry I've been awol lately...no I haven't worked anymore on that cardigan I'm sorry to say. I've recently learned to knit and been trying to work on my skills for that and everything else has taken a back seat for a bit. I definitely want to finish it eventually, though. Let me know how you do on it.
  13. I got my scarf in the mail today!! Miss Chelle was my swapper and the scarf she made is absolutely gorgeous. It's a beautiful blue fuzzy scarf with a fluffy pink border and I love it! And she also threw in a Hazelnut Cream candle which I LOVE. Thank you so much Chelle...I couldn't be happier with my package today! I have just one more finishing touch to put on mine...I got in a bit over my head with this one so I hope who I got likes it! It should go out in tomorrow's mail.
  14. In the words of my oldest daughter.... You guys rock! LOL
  15. Thanks so much Chelle! I appreciate it very much. How old is your stepson? I saw a really cool pillow pattern at freepatterns.com in the shape of a crayon but it was huge...not just a neck pillow. I figure a younger boy might like something like that. My boys are 10, 14 and 16 so that won't really work anymore.
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