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  1. thank you everyone...I feel very welcome now:)
  2. Is that all? I though it was going to be very complicated. Thank you I got the pattern on the following link http://www.sandiangels.com/pattern-page.html
  3. Although I can do the various stitches I have never followed a pattern and now have decided to crochet a baby cardigan for my grandchild that in on the way. I cant understand the follow (have put part I dont understand in red) Row 3: CH 1, turn, sc in each st, with increases of 3 SC - (sc inc. made) in the middle DC INC) (53 stitches) Row 4: CH 2, turn, DC in each ST, with increases of 3 DC in the middle SC INC. (61 stitches) any help would be great.
  4. Hi there, I am new to crochet. I did a bit of crocheting in a youth club I was in years ago and now I have a grandchild on the way I decided to give it a go and make something nice. I was delighted to find this board and I am sure I will be pestering all of you with questions over the coming months.
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