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  1. You done it again Mary Jo. Love the color baby blue and the color fits right into the January cold ice and snow month just like you said. I woke up to a ground covered in snow this morning . Thanks for sharing your talent and picture of your tote's each month. Have a Wonderful New Year Kathy
  2. "This tote is just gorgeous". Love the Christmas themed colors combination you choice to use. The crochet work that you have put into this tote and all the totes you make is just awesome. krochetis4me
  3. Apparently the question I posted was on the wrong forum as I have not received any replies or helpful hints. Kathy
  4. I am crocheting a tote bag and wonder if there is a pattern I can download for the word crochetville and the picture of the crochet hook. Thank you Kathy
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