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  1. That is really a wonderful thing to do. The hats are just darling! My mother would have really appreciated something like this after she lost my little brother, even if the circumstances were very sad.
  2. Yeah I would say that was photoshopped to the extreme!
  3. Hiya from a fellow MA crocheter. I'm originally from Needham but moved to England 4 years ago to get married. I MISS MY PEOPLE AND HUGE SUV'S!! Welcome! Edited: to protect the innocent!
  4. Thank you for the responses. It's just a shame that the pattern isn't more explainative than this, but I think you're both right. I'll see how it looks when I'm at the 39th! Cheers again! Anna
  5. 'Afternoon My pattern is a blanket worked in a series of strips. I'm trying to figure out how many strips this pattern is calling for me to make in total since it's not very clear. The pattern gives me directions for the first three strips, then has a paragraph explaining the color for the remaining strips and has in parentheses: (39 strips). I'm trying to figure out whether: a.) The blanket is 39 strips total or b.) The blanket is 42 strips total (39 + the first 3 that were described in the pattern) I'm going to see if I can do the math for the border and figure it out that way, but was hoping that maybe someone browsing the forum might produce the answer faster. Thanks!
  6. I remember Sept. 11th quite vividly. I was still in college (Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, MA)... it was morning, first class of the day was studio art. The professor came in and said that class was cancelled because a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers. We literally ran at the speed of light across the campus to the campus center, where they had a huge screen TV with live coverage. It was packed and so many of us were crying uncontrollably. After a while I ran back to my dorm room and went online to check all the instant messengers... I had a few friends studying at NYU. If I was able to reach anyone I offered to phone their parents to let them know they were okay.
  7. Anoula

    Pet peeve

    YES! I felt exactly the same when I looked at their patterns. You are not alone in this pet peeve.
  8. I'm not the most knowledgeable about this (haven't done too many squares projects yet) but blocking is a good habit to get into regarding squares. You stretch and pin the squares to their exact measurements specified in the pattern, then depending on the type of yarn (100% natural or synthetic) you either hold a steam iron about 3/4 of an inch above your pinned work and then allow it to dry (that's for natural fibers) or you use a spray bottle to dampen out the pinned block and allow it to dry (man made fibers). You can make your own blocking board or buy it (corkboard seems to be ideal, covered with a few layers of quilters wadding and then a layer of cotton fabric). Always use rust-proof pins to tack your work down on the board. After they are blocked, the squares should be much easier to sew together and they will look neater, too. That's the basics of it anyway - this will tell you more about the various methods for blocking: http://www.michaels.com/art/online/displayArticle?articleNum=ae0079 Also, I'm sure someone else who has done it a ton more than myself will have other methods.
  9. and glad to see you're so excited. I feel the same ... but there just isn't enough time for me to do all the crochet I want to do!
  10. This post almost made me cry, it's so sweet! Thank you for all your efforts and please stay safe.
  11. You said it! When I was searching for a local yarn store my husband pointed it out to me. I could spend hours there quite happily. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  12. Edit: Disregard my last post - I finally figured it out. I was being SO STUPID! :blush The light has dawned on me! Thanks again for all the help CrochetDad - those pattern guidelines were what made me pull a Homer Simpson 'D'OH!'
  13. Perfect, thank you. This might actually help me to troubleshoot my pattern! The nice thing about this particular one I'm working on is that it says you can work with a regular hook because there are no more than 7 loops on the hook at one time. Thanks again, I'll have a closer look at these instructions and see if I can't solve my problem.
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