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  1. I finally designed and made my own crocheted handbag...and with cables...i love cables! Anyway, here are the pics.... side #1: side #2: lining with pockets: (sorry the pic is blurry)
  2. dress and flower girl are beautiful! I love crochet garden dresses:)
  3. I saw in your post that you live in Northampton county...I used to live in Slatington. Grew up there as a matter of fact. We lived up on the mountain there at the gap between lehigh and northampton counties where 248 and 873 meet. I live in TN now, but it was so cool to see someone post from back home!
  4. I am sure my post is way late, but I have to agree with everyone else...something "trendy" and practical. Dresses would be awesome or tunic and skirt sets (like Lucy Chin)...something you might find in a high end boutique shop that you can make yourself without spending $500 for the outfit. I also have a thing for slippers...cute slippers (not the kind your mama makes). There are a few crocheters on Etsy.com that make absolutely adorable slippers for babies that would be great for older children as well as adults.
  5. has anyone ever steam blocked their finished project (garments usually)? I read it is a good idea to do...looking for some feedback from other experienced crocheters.
  6. Hey, a fellow LV person!!! I grew up in Slatington...move to TN 3 years ago!
  7. My mom and I are having ablast making dresses for my daughter...here are the two latest...I made the peach one and my mom did the blue and white one. Using Caron's simply soft : Using Aunt lydia's denim crochet cotton:
  8. I usually have the TV going. I crochet throughout the day so there is no particular show in general. Sometimes there are cartoons on for the kids.
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