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  1. Hi Ro - I would never want to put a burden on anyone and ask for whole blankets ... but if someone offeres .. well I have a hard time saying NO... Blankets are ALWAYS accepted. If you want to join the squares though the measurements are 7 squaes by 5 squares with a crochet border. Please feel free to email if you have any questions --
  2. Hi everyone - I just had a chance to catch my breath and look in here and WOW - you guys are AWESOME:cheer !!! I can't tell you how wonderful and overwhelming the response has been in the past few days. 2 nights ago I drove through the effected areas and know now more than ever that what we are doing is SO important!! 1588 families are now homeless because of nature's fury as well as arson. This is what knitters and crocheters do though - we give back to the community. So I will thank you all in advance for being SUCH great people!! You are ALL virtually HUGGED!! GeorgeAnne Smith www.sandiegowildfireblankets.blogspot.com
  3. Thank you everyone for your help - the magnatic buttons with fabric reinforcements work great! I'm making a bunch for the Susan G Korman 3-day booth in San Diego!! I haven't figured oout how to post pics here yet - but you can see the pictures on my blog - thank you everyone!
  4. I just started one of these last night fo rthe house ... but was give BAGS of donated yarn .. this seems like the PERFECT pattern for a lap-ghan too so COUNT ME on this one...
  5. I LOVE my FBB!! They work up SO nice and lining them in a breeze. But after I put my keys, wallet and checkbook in it and then put it on the table / floor / whereever my fear is everything will spill out. Any suggestions??
  6. In looking at your pictures it looks like you missed out on the gathers you SC 2together for a total of 26 stitcvhes on the first pass and then the second time around you decrease by 2 for a total of 24 stitches. You then work those stitches for the 7 rows. Like I said, I think that is the only step you are missing ... everything else looks right on target! good luck -
  7. What a GREAT job you did!!! I'm sure your SIL will adore it!!
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