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    Love to crochet, recently started with thread which intimidated me for years!!
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    Spa items, doilies, bookmarks, afghans... does anyone really have just one favorite?
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    Since I was a kid, geez...back in 1979?? WOW
  1. HI! I cut and pasted this link from CPC for a really pretty afghan I want to make for my mother in law for Christmas. Since it's squares I figure I can make then anytime in-between all my other projects. My question is, the directions state to "leave an 8 inch piece of yarn to sew the squares together" Ok, that sounds simple enough but since I'm VERY new to joining squares I'm thinking that it could get complicated - which direction should I place the next square - although my nature is to always think the worst FIRST and then realize my fears were unfounded. Is there a simplicity to this that I'm missing in just reading the directions? http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/AfghansThrows/WT1042+Crochet+Wreaths+Afghan.htm
  2. Thank you again Mary!! I'm going to go for it!! Stiffy it is - not diluted.
  3. Thank you Brenda - that's a very informative link! I also like the idea of using Stiffy instead of Mod Podge - I guess it needs to be watered down as Nikki suggested with the Elmers Glue? That's not the first time I've heard that glue-type stiffeners should be watered down a bit. Amyjk - When I use spray starch on my doilies and then run an iron over them, they don't actually stiffen, but rather, they smooth out very nicely and it gives them a polished look with a bit of a drape. I don't want my snowflakes to drape! Thank you everyone!! Your advice is as it has been since I joined this forum - very helpful and friendly~~
  4. Hi - After my thread disaster last year, actually it wasn't the crocheting that was disastrous but the starching! I made a dozen or so snowflakes, icicles and bells. My plan was to attach them to gifts, but when I starched them they got all ugly and rough instead of staying soft and nice. I used, oh gosh, I've since thrown it away as I got angry with it - , BUT it was something like ModgePodge. I thought I followed the directions, soaked the snowflakes, squeezed out the excess and blocked them with stainless steel pins and covered with plastic wrap so they wouldn't catch any dust. When they dried - I was very disappointed. Anyone have any snowflake starching tips? All the patterns pretty strongly suggest NOT using the laundry spray starch. I'd like to try the snowflakes again this year - without failure if possible!
  5. Bernadette


    Thanks everyone!! Geez, never too old to learn something new!
  6. Bernadette


    oh---ewwwww. I've had to do that. Didn't know there was a term for it though! LOL
  7. Christmas!! My goodness!! I'm overwhelmed thinking about Christmas! This is beautiful! Great job!
  8. oohh!! That's nice!! I like to look! What is the approx size?
  9. Bernadette


    I know this is going to sound naive, but I'm new to this term, and seeing it kind of frequently around the 'ville, I need to ask: Is "frogging" a synonym for "adjusting"
  10. Awesomely beautiful!! I'm so jealous!! I was intimidated by thread for so long and when I finally tried it, well, lets just say my first didn't look like your first!! Congratulations!!!
  11. Yes, stolen! I guess she felt comfortable washing them and since she uses a laundromat of course they just got thrown in with the clothes. Problem is that she took her clothes out of the dryer and didn't fold them until she got home which is when she realized they were missing. She went back - but they were already gone and no one brought them to the desk as lost. I'm going to surprise her by not charging her, even though she is expecting to pay me. I can't let her do that in this case!!
  12. Thank you all! Sorry for posting this so late after all of your recommendations. I got logged off C-ville and had a heck of a time logging back on - between work and life in general I also didn't have too much time to sit at the computer. After reading all your entries and clicking on the links you've provided, I'm going to see if my friend, Corrinne, will go with another doily that resembles what she'd like. It just seems the easier way to go. I knew the chosen pattern would be rough to increase, but I had to ask!!! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for all your help.
  13. Blazin48 - looking for a crochet pattern. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. Thank you Betha531 and diamond! I'm going to look into those patterns. They are Irish, straight from Dublin and I wanted something a bit more traditional... but one of these should work fine, right?
  14. Looking for a Fisherman Style afghan pattern for my in-laws for a Christmas present. I can't seem to find one, been looking for a couple of weeks now! HELP!!!
  15. Hi - I posted this in the crochet help pattern - not too much luck there, so this is another try: For all of you expert thread crocheters out there, I have been asked to make (2) doilies. This person likes a particular pattern but the pattern is for an 8" doily and she would like for it to be a 10". I'm not sure how to increase although I know it can be done. It would really mean a lot to her as they are replacing the doilies her grandmother gave to her that were stolen from a laundromat. Petite Pineapple Doily This doily pattern was found on the Crochet Pattern Central website and is the one in question. Any advice??
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