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    Married 30 years and grandmother of twin boys and new baby girl
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    wilmington delaware
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    accessories and now learning baby items
  1. Yes! Thats the exact pattern! Thanks magicrochetfan! I dont know what "imo" means....but I appreciate your help
  2. I'm working a new pattern to make my grandaughter a sweater and I've come to this...is the "create a bobble" actually part of the pattern? I'm not sure how to word that! Create a bobble *Yarn over hook, Hook through 2nd st, Yarn over hook, (rep from * two more times) Pull yarn through all sts on hook (7) Yarn over, pull through st Create a bobble again through same st. *Ch 1, Miss three, 2 bobbles ( rep from * twice more) Miss three, 1 bobble (3 1/2 bobble sets on the front) Count 19 1 bobble into st (this leaves a space for the armhole)
  3. I have full set of Bates..you can have 'em..I can't stand them. Just tell me where to mail 'em.
  4. Thanks, Amy. Now I've got to try to remember where in the world I stored my Ravelry login info. I requested and was accepted but never followed through. Is that terrible or what? Anyway, I really appreciate you guys' help.
  5. OK, I cleared my cookies. When I click on your links, I do get to the page but when I click to order, it takes me to Ravelry. What in the world?!? Help!
  6. Thanks Ladies! You've been most helpful!
  7. Help! When I click on the "Strapped for Bags" ad at the top of the page it takes me to Ravelry. How do I order the books? It was very frustrating. Can you help a sister out? Thanks, Sheila
  8. How in the world can I order the ebooks i found in the Raw Uncensored Designs banner? When I click on it to order it takes to ravelry, with no mention oaf the ebook. Help!! Thank you
  9. Lining should be same dimensions as your purse, except a little taller. The extra height will be folded(wrong sides together) & pressed. Slip it into your purse and hand sew it to your crocheted purse. Pin zipper to the lining and sew it as well. I have used plastic canvas to line bag bottoms AND sides too! Have fun & Good luck! P.S. Your bag is adorable!
  10. Try http://www.crochetstyleetc.com
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