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    A downtown girl who tries to make busy with anything she can put her hands on.
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    Manila, Philippines
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    blogging, experimenting with things, reading, watching dorama
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    Learned in sixth grade but turned to a hobby August 2007.
  1. Oh, I love this! Really really love this!
  2. Lovely snowflakes! Unfortunately, I can't do something as intricate as that and would you believe that I don't know how to block?!
  3. That's so pretty and so fluffy! Really innovative on your part!
  4. I'm planning to make our very first crocheted blanket. The thing is we do have limited yarns here in the Philippines so I'm thinking of ordering online. All I have tried are Red Heart Soft Baby and locally produced Red Heart acrylics (which I don't like.) I want to try something else that would result into a soft, cuddly and comfortable blanket but won't kill my budget. I'm thinking of cotton yarns because they're easy to deal with but what are the other yarns that are best for a blanket? Would you recommend Peaches & Creme or Honeysuckle Cotton Yarn? I haven't tried any of these but I'm curious about the availability of their yummy colors. Any suggestions please?
  5. That is so lovely! I should add that to my Christmas wishlist, haha!
  6. That is so intricate! Really lovely!
  7. Gosh, it took me so long (two months!) for the lazy me to finish this premie afghan, but finished nevertheless. I used Red Heart Soft Baby Twinkles and 4.00 mm hook:hook. Just in time for the newly born baby of a friend.
  8. That would be heaven to all of us, well to answer the question, I would really love to try organic yarns I also prefer cotton over anything else and soy yarns maybe but poor me, those yarns ain't handy in my tropical country.
  9. This is really useful, you can also download their buttons in a zip file.
  10. snugsmontreal, Mandys76, Lov2Crochet Whoa! I am drooling! Beginner's stash for me consisted of one cotton thread ball and a steel hook, but yarn overload is way too envious! Really, I'm envious I have to find a magic lamb and wish for the genie to grant me a wish and dump all those lovely yarns here in Manila. Please be kind and adopt me so I can touch those soft yarns, pretty please!
  11. That is so gorgeous and so feminine! Really lovely!
  12. Just as the title says, really stunning! :
  13. Wordpress and Typepad received good reviews.
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