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  1. I actually started crocheting a pattern, then when I went to print it the next day, it was gone! melanie
  2. about.com has alot of good patterns http://crochet.about.com/od/doilies/Doily_Free_Patterns.htm Don't forget your local library. Melanie
  3. Look for stainless steel pins.They say rustproof. You can probably find them at wal mart, definitely at JoAnns
  4. check the handy hands site: http://www.hhtatting.com/category_results.cfm?Category=5 They have a silk thread, but it's size 40 The olympus sais it's silky looking
  5. Hi, I have three cats and cat hair everywhere. It gets on my thread, and I end up crocheting it in to my piece. Does anyone else have this problem, and/or a solution? (short of shaving them that is... Melanie
  6. Handy Hands tatting has a good list of threads, listed by quality. http://www.hhtatting.com/category_results.cfm?Category=5 Melanie
  7. For crocheting, using perle off the skein doesn't work, unless you roll it into a ball. It is sold in balls online, not much selection in the stores. I love the colors and am trying to mix it with cebelia for doilies. I find the perle 5 to be a little too big to go with size 10 cebelia, I'm going to try size 8. Good luck! Melanie
  8. A bar. I'm still young (33) and, unfortunately, people (cute boys), instantly think of their grandma when they see you with yarn. And, of course, everyone thinks your knitting...lol
  9. I never understood these arbitrary letters and numbers for crochet hooks. The mm make more sense to me. Except, I think the steel hooks all are the same number, even in different countries
  10. What's this about 4 strands and not weaving in ends? I'm terrified to try sewing thread, but I think I'm even more afraid of weaving in tons of ends
  11. Free yarn? Can I meet your neighbor?
  12. I'm going to make coaster sized doilies, sew them together, fill with potpourri, and voila! drawer sachets. Even if they don't like it, they can hide it in their drawer.
  13. That's only you second thread project!? Wow! I'm fairly new to thread myself and just started doilies, yours is beautiful! It looks perfect! Nice job:2spin
  14. Does anyone have an opinion on the perle threads? They come in sooo many colors. Is it good for doilies? Does it hold up without fraying? I'm planning on buying a bunch of cebelia and I think the perle looks okay mixed with the cebelia (unlike some cheaper ones), it seems a little thicker though. I don't want to put a bunch of work into something and use inferior thread. Thanks for your opinions.
  15. I found some at Joann's. All the ones that say rust-proof are stainless steel. I've never blocked before, wish me luck!
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