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    Crafty Andy
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    Retired Avid Crafter
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    San Francisco, California
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    Crochet, Knit. Sewing, baking, reading, Sci-Fi
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    Retired Computer Programmer/Analyst
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    About 10 to 15 years maybe more
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    Hats or skull caps
  1. Crafty_Andy

    Tapestry Crochet Hat Celtic Sun

    Thank You!
  2. Crafty_Andy

    Tapestry Crochet Hat Celtic Sun

    This is one of my newest Tapestry Crochet Hats it is the Celtic Sun in Aurora 8 Karabella, great yarn , very soft and very flexible. It is not a yarn that will make you overheat. I enjoy uwearing this kind of hat as it is perfect for the fall. Nevertheless in winter this hat is very handy and keeps my head warm. I am hoping to make more hats for the winter as we have 3 months to go ha ha ha. Happy Holidays everyone! If you wonder about my pattern is inside my head, I come up with patterns constantly as my creativity allows it. I always say that yarn has a story to tell me and I tell that story creating a hat and sometimes neck warmers.
  3. Crafty_Andy

    Making your Own Swift

    I decided since I had the tools to go and make a swift. It was cheap and if you don't want to dye the wood you can get it done for less than $20 dollars. But you can see my swift in action . I made my own Swift following the instructions HERE and it was a lot of fun, I am also dyeing my own yarn which I have pictures above in teal shades time. Thanks for allowing me to share!
  4. Crafty_Andy

    My First Dye experience

    This is the yarn that is fingering weight and my first dye job, it was lots of fun and following the picture you find they way the skein looks like now. The following is the starting skein before being put to dry. This is the sekin after I dyed it This is the skein ready for promotional use lol! Thanks for allowing me to share. I believe I lost the fear of dyeing my own yarn, I have plenty of plain color Aran wool that is calling for some color lol!
  5. Crafty_Andy

    Cottony Christmas Hat

    Sometimes when you make a Christmas Hat or any kind of hat is very warm. I decided to use some of my yarn for a Christmas Themed Cotton Hat. IT has a Snowflake on the top in red and has six points as snowflakes should. That area and throughout it has some Tapestry Crochet style stitches, There are green trees with some white on them which represents snow and at the bottom there are trees made of 3 tc in green, red and white. It is finished with a reverse sc. Thanks for allowing me to share.
  6. Crafty_Andy

    Ravenclaw Philosopher's Hat

    Thanks for your kind words!
  7. Crafty_Andy

    Men's crochet vest

    Looks Fantastic, I liked it a lot!
  8. Crafty_Andy

    Ravenclaw Philosopher's Hat

    This is from my Harry Potter Inspired Hats on Tapestry Crochet, the border is done with a reverse double crochet.
  9. Crafty_Andy

    The Eye Of Jupiter

    I had to think a lot about the Hat, The Eye of Jupiter form Battlestar Galactica so I was watching the Episodes. The Hat sat for a while, sometimes that happens until I feel inspired again. Thanks to everyone for their kinds words. I want to show that There is a Creative Way of making Men Hats. Patterns for this hats are very difficult, it is easier to teach people the process of how I make the hat. One thing is for sure, I take into consideration how many stitches per inch it takes me for my gauge.
  10. Crafty_Andy

    The Eye Of Jupiter

    This is the Eye of Jupiter on Tapestry Crochet If you want to see a video with te hat better displayed and a bit of the history of the hat follow this link .
  11. Crafty_Andy

    Barroque Christmas Hat

    This is actually a combination of Tapestry Crochet to the white band, then the stitches are picked up with knitting needles and knitted to the end! A successful combination of both crochet and knit. Tapestry Crochet is a lot like embroidery. I am following a chart here, but tyou have to be very careful how to carry the yarn, select a hook size, sometimes you want the yarn to show through , sometimes you dont, but I will tell you that the green on top looks different than the green on the bottom and it is the same yarn. Tapestry Crochet is A fun to do , but time consuming, most of my crochet hats are made this way. Most people don't believe is crochet at all lol! Thanks for the great comments!
  12. Crafty_Andy

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day !!!
  13. I have not looked at it yet,but sometimes I get tired of just looking and finding very little patterns for men, not even scarves that can be considered masculine.
  14. Crafty_Andy

    Do you U-Tube

    Thanks for the replies and I hope you can get a chance to see my channel http://www.youtube.com/CraftyAndy I do :manyheartenjoy posting videos. Andy
  15. Crafty_Andy

    Hello yarn people