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    Crafty Andy
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    Retired Avid Crafter
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    San Francisco, California
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    Crochet, Knit. Sewing, baking, reading, Sci-Fi
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    Retired Computer Programmer/Analyst
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    Hats or skull caps
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    About 10 to 15 years maybe more
  1. This is one of my newest Tapestry Crochet Hats it is the Celtic Sun in Aurora 8 Karabella, great yarn , very soft and very flexible. It is not a yarn that will make you overheat. I enjoy uwearing this kind of hat as it is perfect for the fall. Nevertheless in winter this hat is very handy and keeps my head warm. I am hoping to make more hats for the winter as we have 3 months to go ha ha ha. Happy Holidays everyone! If you wonder about my pattern is inside my head, I come up with patterns constantly as my creativity allows it. I always say that yarn has a story to tell me and I tell that st
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