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  1. *evestar*

    Amazing Apples

    Thanks!! I got the pattern here http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=158466.0
  2. *evestar*

    My 1st three ami's...

    Cute cute cute! Love the cupcake's expression.
  3. *evestar*

    My First Amigurumi ~ Not too sure what this is!

    Who cares! He is adorable!
  4. *evestar*

    Amazing Apples

    I found this pattern a little while ago and finally got to make myself some yesterday evening. They are very very easy and quick to make.
  5. *evestar*

    Happy Happy Hippo Amigurumi!

    It is a pattern from the bittersweet blog. Here is the URL http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/2007/03/12/hungry-hungry-hippo/ She has heaps more other cool crocheted stuff on there. Good luck! Eve
  6. *evestar*

    Happy Happy Hippo Amigurumi!

    Thank you soo much for all the hippo love!!
  7. *evestar*

    Happy Happy Hippo Amigurumi!

    Thank you all so much! yes this is the hippo from the BitterSweet Blog.
  8. *evestar*

    Happy Happy Hippo Amigurumi!

  9. *evestar*


    Welcome from New Zealand!
  10. *evestar*

    My First Amigurumi: Bunny in Sun Dress

    Great Job!
  11. *evestar*

    Happy Happy Hippo Amigurumi!

    Finally finished this little lady...
  12. *evestar*

    my bloggy

    great first post!
  13. *evestar*

    My first Amigurumi

    Too Cute!
  14. *evestar*

    new kid from Wisconsin

    Welcome from New Zealand!! :
  15. *evestar*

    Hello From Malaysia