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  1. I never did get the pattern for the afghan, but I did my own interpretation on the afghan from the picture on the cover of the Spring 2010 Mary Maxim catalog. I made this a baby blanket using cotton. throw center close up border detail
  2. Wow! I learned something new today! Thanks!
  3. I've been wanting the pattern but not the yarn. It seems the only way to get the pattern is to purchase the kit. I already have too much yarn. I have cotton that comes on the cone I think this pattern would be perfect for. SO if anyone wants to sell me the pattern(flaws & all) once they are done with their kit, please contact me. I'm pretty good at figuring things out if there is a clear enough photo. The one on the front of Mary Maxim catalog is really clear.
  4. Thanks for sharing my patterns! I'm glad you like them.
  5. We recently did a craft show and made similar scarves. They sold well!
  6. Love he way you illustrated each step in the pattern with photos! YGG!
  7. It's all from the dictionary in my head.
  8. Hey, It does get cold in Texas...for about three weeks. I live in the DFW area, Think of it this way, he will enjoy it for many years, because he will only wear it for about three times a year! A cardigan might be a little more useful. There are more opportunities to wear cardi's in Texas.
  9. You are welcome! I have tried other Grannie ripple patterns, but had to make one of my own. removing the parts I did not like, changing the size & the repeats. I'm working on making video tutorials for this one too.
  10. could it be one of these: http://megan.cc/RosesBlanket/ http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/zinnia-garden-afghan.shtml
  11. I have not read all of the posts on this thread, but a word of caution, do not use Barbie or Kelly to describe your work. You have to use "11 1/2 inch fashion doll". You could get in trouble because of licensing restrictions. You may be able to mention that it fits Barbie, depending on where you sell the pattern. Kelly-sized (4- 4 1/2 inch) patterns are hard to find. You might get some sales there too. If you don't want to write down everything and go into the problems of having to deal with taxes, shipping and more, you could make videos tutorials and put them on You Tube. Just set your camera to the macro setting, set it on a tabletop tripod or on a book, and crochet in front of the camera. You can become a You Tube partner after a while. If your viewers click on the ads, you will get a little money per click, But you should carefully read the rules there. You are not allowed to ask your viewers to click the ads. If you have any more questions, just ask!
  12. I would use the continuous join method. You can also use this method for flat braid joining. I have a tutorial on continuous join and other teachers have videos for the flat braid method. http://www.youtube.com/user/Bethintx1#grid/user/9047CD072B108516
  13. schematics- diagrams showing the shapes and dimensions of pattern pieces. diagram- symbols depicting crochet stitches. It is laid out to resemble part of the finished product. chart- a graph filled in with colors or symbols so the crocheter can for a pattern or picture in the crochet/knit/cross stitch fabric.
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