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  1. Thanks for all the compliments I've been busy adding the sleeves.. i think it looks much better with sleeves on.. will post a pic when I manage to finish up the edges as well as put in the buttons..stay tuned!
  2. Thank you so much for all the compliments... on cloud 9 today! yea... the buttons. will just get those cutey ones like flowers or even strawberry buttons if i can find those in the LYS!
  3. the colours are so sweet!!! i'm sure the baby would be so lucky to receive it
  4. My SIL in Ireland recently delivered a beautiful baby girl, Hannah and I straightaway made this for her. Although still very much a WIP but thanks to generous Forummer here who translated Magia's design, I am able to make it! http://www.groovy-olives.com/blog/?p=309
  5. Congratulations!! Isn't the internet wonderful in aiding us newbies trying to figure things out! I've been crocheting for a long time but knitting is a whole new experience all together. I still like crochet for things like amigurumi ( it looks better with crochet somehow, i'm biased) and afghans. But knitting is great for wearables!
  6. it's so adorable!! love your colour combo.. fits a baby boy perfectly!
  7. gorgeous skirt! totally love it!
  8. It looks great.. thanks for sharing the pattern. Very generous of you!
  9. thanks everyone... i was about to give up when I had to frog the whole thing more than twice but now that it's finished, it was worth it! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  10. I've just been introduced to knitting and have not been crocheting. But would still like to share with all the nice folks here my latest FO http://www.groovy-olives.com/blog/?p=255
  11. athena

    Grumpy and Teddy

    I made some progress with crocheting recently after a long drought. I attempted the Caron Rainbow Bear ( link on my blog) and somehow my bear turned out a little bit different. I also made a little fella to match my Gabu. Hope you like these! http://www.groovy-olives.com/blog/?p=213
  12. Ravelry connects.. while 'ville is more to developing relationships??
  13. I made these from the Fleece/Leather Look Booties from Crochet Me. The yarn is Shine Worsted from KnitPicks since Malaysia is very hot and humid. Wool is just too warm. I hope the cotton yarn would more suitable. http://www.groovy-olives.com/blog/?p=195
  14. athena

    speacial afghan

    It's a great Afghan...and it's even more special to your fren because each time she uses it, she'll remember that she has great frens around her
  15. hey..these are fantastic boots...just right for the little cowboy/girl . very unisex!
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