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  1. I bought the book, not the pattern directly from her. I contacted her, she said she can't help me because of some kind agreement with the publisher. I wish I bought from her directly, but I tried to save $$, coz I paid only $7 for the book, there are 9 patterns.
  2. thanks!! Me too, it is fun to crochet soaker!!!
  3. So do I mark the midpoint (or the beginning ) of the toe and then count 24 st?? thank you so much
  4. I recently crocheted several of soakers, here is my favorite: (I can't help to post a pic of him, he is too cute. )
  5. hi there, I am not a new crocheter, but I am new to make booties, I finally found this cute book for baby boy boots. here is the book: Beautiful Baby Shoes This is the one I am making: Side-Button Boots But I have really hard time to understand the instruction, pls help!! Instruction said "Mark Center 24 [28,32] sc at front of toe, join tan yarn in next sc after last marked st on right-hand side of Sole, ch 2, dc in back lp of each of next 2 sts, dc in both lps of each st around to first marked sc, working across marked sts, hdc in next st, sc in each of next 7 [9,11] sts, sk next st, sc in each of next 6 sc, sk next st, sc in each next of 7 [9,11]. hdc in next st, dc in rem front lps of each of next 3 sts of each of next 3 sts to overlap beg of row, turn." My questions: 1. do I count 24 st from the last sc I did?? 2. What do u mean by last marked st and first marked sc? Thank you NameThatCandy
  6. I tried to email several ppl of the English Translation, for some reasons, none of them are able to open the file. Here is the link from Ravelry, you can download the English Translation: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/natural-boucle-bag Sorry about that!
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for the compliments. For those can't open the chart, here is the tips: When you click the link, you will see the pic of the bag. Next to the pic, there are 4 boxes, first one is "yarn balls", second is "needles", the last box is the pattern/chart, but don't click the box, click the text next to the box, if you use IE, it will open another window, it is the chart for the bag. Hope it helps. I have an English translation, if you can't read the chart, let me know, I can email you the English instruction.
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