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  1. I never thought about making an actual template, I started crocheting and used a ruler to measure width to start and length to know when to stop. Making a template would be much easier. This IS a great take along project when you find yourself at the Dr.s office waiting, on a car trip (as long as you are riding and not driving:lol) sitting in front of the TV and you want something to keep your hands busy, but don't want to have to concentrate on a pattern. Or if you are like me, when something is troubling you and you just need to give your mind a rest, but not your hands, this is the perfect project. Trust me, these rectangles are a great stress buster. But most importantly it just makes me feel so good that I can do something to show those virtual strangers, that are out there putting their life on the line form me so that I can continue to have the freedom I am so guilty of taking for granted, well it just brings me to tears. I just live 30 miles from an Army base and everytime I see a soldier in uniform, male or female, there is just this feeling that comes over me, I want to run up to them and give them a big hug, but I don't want to get arrested I know, I know, I am an old sentimental sap, but I always have been and always will be.
  2. I think some small doilies sewed to a denim jacket then adorned with some kind of stones, like with the bedazzler thingie would be really cute. Don't stop there, crochet some edgings and go down the side seams of your jeans and really make a put together outfit. I am seeing something in gold or silver metalic for the doilies and colorful stones. Sounds fun to me
  3. Crocheting with black is a real challenge for me, but my next box I can do white and soft white, I think I have both.
  4. What a wonderful idea!! Our landfills are so full of plastic shopping bags and bread bags and such everyone should be doing something like this just to save our environment. I have enough Wal-Mart bags to choke a horse This is going on my to do list for sure!!!!!!! When you cut the strips, then do you knot them together or what? I wonder if you could just glue a decorative button on the bag, then glue a couple velcro circles to the bag for a quick closure? I think everyone on Crochetville should start similar projects
  5. I mailed my box of rectangles yesterday. I have emailed Deborah to let her know they are on their way. I finished my latest RR ripple last night as I sat through all of our tornado warnings. Now I have 4 baby afghans to crochet.
  6. Way to go!!!!!!!! I have it marked on my calendar to make sure and watch. I watch it anyway, but want to make sure I don't miss this episode. Now you can advertise that sweater on your site as the one you made for Grey's Anatomy, I bet you will sell tons of them. Heck I would do that! Hmmmmmm this gives me an idea.
  7. I have that movie But never noticed the jacket. Now I am going to have to watch it again to see.
  8. Well I must find that pattern! I love your afghan and your choice of colors. I am hooked on the RR's now. They are easy to do and the perfect project ot work on while watching TV. I edited this post to ask... Is that a Leisure Arts pattern book? I just found one on their site that says it is 40 favorite afghans. The blurb on the site that tells about the book says this...... "A ripple afghan is always a prize! This collection of 40 contest favorites was created by crocheters like you and provides a wide variety of stylish and original throws. Create a snowman afghan, a warm wrap of vineyard grapes, and more!" It also states it is soft cover and 124 pages. Is this the same book you have? I don't want to order it if doesn't have this pattern.
  9. Your runner is beautiful!!! My eyes are too old for size 40 thread now, I am not sure I could even use 20.
  10. My first RR was something like 62 inches (it is on the back of my sofa). The one I am working on now I will make at least 75 inches maybe more, point to point (I want to use this one to lay on top of my bed).
  11. First let me say, I LOVE your basketweave afghan!! I looked at the slide show of your wearables and they are amazing .
  12. The last few months I have been a crochet maniac. As I look around my house and especially this room where my computer is, I realize I have been spending waaaaaay too much time crocheting and not enough time pushing the vacuum, or a dust cloth I have been going through a kind of personal upset and crocheting is what has saved my sanity. But as to when and where I crochet? The when is, whenever I sit down , the where is mostly at home when I am watching TV. I seldom take my crocheting to work with me. I am a hairstylist and no matter how much you clean hair is everywhere and any crochet project is like a hair magnet , that's the downside, but the upside is, my little salon is only about 200 feet from my house, so I don't have far to go once I am off work, to get back to my crocheting.
  13. Oh I want to do this too. Somebody please email me or pm me with all the info I need and I will get to work on this ASAP. I have some darker colored yarns that are just begging to turn into something worth while.
  14. And I would love to have you in my group if it were possible
  15. Funny I was just thinking about this the other day. So here are my crochet goals for 2008; 1. Form a local crochet group. Who wants to crochet for charity. 2. Our hospital is in the process of building on a new cancer center so I would like for our group to make chemo hats for the hospital. 3. I would like for our group to crochet baby afghans for our hospital so each new baby goes home with a special afghan made just for them. I printed out a free pattern for an octagon shaped afghan from a link on this site that I think would be perfect for this. 3. I would like for our group to make 8 inch squares from their left over yarn that we could then put together and make lap afghans for the nursing homes here. I am thinking I am going to need a big group I give so much of my work away, and I know the people I give it to appreciate it, but now I would like to give to where it is really needed.
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