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    crocheting, crafts, gardening, reading, meeting new friends on the computer.
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    Doilies and afghans
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    About 40 years
  1. I use a pencil grip. I don't have wrist pain, but my shoulder will bother me sometimes. I don't crochet for more than an hour at a time anymore without taking at least 10 to 15 minute break to get out of the chair and walk around or just lay it down to do something else. I developed tendonitis in my left wrist a couple of years ago (not do to crochet) and could not crochet at all. I was afraid I was not going to be able to crochet again and was not a happy camper. After laying off all hand projects for about a year the tendonitis finally healed and I can crochet again
  2. I only have maybe 30 full skeins, but several totes with partial skeins of yarn and thread. I really need to keep more around, because sometimes I want to do these spur of the moment things which always means a trip to the store. Because I never seem to have the color I want. I need to pay more attention to clearance sales. I have no craft stores close, so I need to get on email lists where I can purchase via the net. Any suggestions on the best sites that offer these kinds of deals? Blondie
  3. These round ripples looks so great. I have never made one, could someone point me in the right direction for the pattern??? Thanks in advance Blondie
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